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I sent three important emails this afternoon.
Tired now. Is that enough social interaction for today?

Went to Unicorns dance party ( on Saturday night for the first time in *ages*! It was so great to see so many LGBTQIA+ friends again! 🏳️‍🌈
This is my favourite queer event because it's so diverse, inclusive, and friendly, but unfortunately only happens every 6-12 months these days. Though that just makes it all the more precious. 🙂

Image CW: shirtless selfie, eye contact

Dating/hookup app rant 

I also wish people would stop ghosting/blocking me without warning after we've clearly expressed mutual enthusiasm in exploring a connection. Like, it's ok to change your mind, you just have to... Say that?

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Dating/hookup app rant 

I've taken to gently responding to men on Grindr etc who open conversations with unsolicited nudes by asking them to please not do that (given my profile clearly says in the designated area that I don't accept them initially).

Most of them just block me outright after that, even if I otherwise express interest in continuing the conversation. So that's going well. 🤦🏻

(I mean, it's nice that people are self-selecting out of interacting with me after I highlight their violation of my consent, but disappointing that it feels like I'm not getting through to people that that's actually what this is and they should stop it.)

Heads up! #Microsoft is on track to ban all commercial activity by #FOSS projects on Microsoft Store in about a week! This is even worse than their (eventually repealed) 2011 ban on #copyleft for their app store! 😡️ We demand rollback of this new policy:

If you're having computer problems DO NOT turn it off and back on again, IT has been SCAMMING YOU FOR YEARS, the problems will ALWAYS COME BACK, the solution is to simply turn the computer OFF and NEVER turn it back on again

That awkward moment when the barista sees you waiting to cross the road and pre-emptively starts preparing your regular order only for you to decide to have something different today. 😳

being queer around the world, suicide, it's bad 

So let's see. A small incomplete collection of things that happened around the world. That's just for this month.

Someone shot people in front of a queer bar the night before Pride in Oslo.

Hundreds of people who came for banned Pride were arrested in Istanbul, among other places in Turkey.

Japanese court thinks same sex marriage is rightfully illegal.

Calling for the execution of trans people / their allies is a totally normal thing to say for politicians in the US.

Saudi-Arabia bans rainbow colored toys now.

There were again (after the deadly 2015 attack) death threats against Jerusalem Pride.

Queer people in many places still fear to be executed.

Gay scenes are censored in movies shown in China among many other places.

Almost half of queer teenagers in Poland attempt suicide.


No, we are nowhere near queer utopia. I really can't stand most western European pride events and their party attitude "let's celebrate because we made it". Fuck you. We need riots not parties. Here where it is safest to do it.

How do you personally use @bitwarden?

I keep forgetting these 3 motivation factors, so I'm posting about them so I can look it up later. Maybe it'll help others too.

For folks with , executive function can be hard to come by. Three factors that can kick-start us to work on a task, are if that task is at least one of:

1. Urgent
2. Novel
3. Interesting

I found these 3 factors in the How To ADHD video "ADHD and Motivation" (

I'm a little tired of all these people winning elections telling me I need to vote to prevent things that happened from happening.

Someone had a granite headstone made for Internet Explorer and placed it beside a tiny church on the rooftop of a cafe in Gyeongju, South Korea:

Urgent question for #queer members of the Fediverse: Do you know of any resources for giving a presentation to small kids (1st and 2nd grade, to be precise) about #LBGTQ issues? I was asked by a local international school to do just this, tomorrow! This group of #children has already been introduced to concepts of #gender and different kinds of #families. I plan to read "What Riley Wore" to them, and maybe also "I Am Jazz!" and "Stella Brings the Family." #boosts appreciated! 💖


Last night, just before bed, I was going to send an email, but the laptop I was doing it on refused to receive TCP responses from the internet. ICMP? Fine. TCP to the LAN? Fine. Tried rebooting into another OS thinking it was a firewall issue? Nope. Other computers on the network talking TCP to the internet? Fine.

I had to reboot my router. Presumably some weird NAT table issue or something. Computers were a mistake.

By the time I debugged this I was too tired to write the email.

oh fuck yes ; floppotron v3 just got announced

this is not a drill


(if you are wondering wtf a 'floppotron' is, click the link ; its kid friendly

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