I was digging around in the LG ThinQ mobile app (LG's IoT app) to try to reconnect my washing machine to my WiFi (don't ask), and noticed this page which shows my washing machine's energy usage over time.

That's great and all... but where are the units on the Y-axis of this graph? For that matter, where are the *numbers*? All I can tell is that on 2 days in the last week I used some energy and the other days, I didn't!

Happy Visibility Day, everyone! In Australia, the Strand Bi Us forum (mostly online) is happening this weekend for anyone interested: standbius.com/

Pictured: me, popping into the visible light spectrum just for the day. (I'm in bed because I have COVID 😢)

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Yesterday I went to Gilwell Park Scout Camp for the Scouts Victoria Adult Recognition awards, and was awarded my Silver Wattle (see previous post for details).

I also had the pleasure to see James, a Rover and one of my previous scouts, receive a Special Service Award. It's always makes me so proud to see the scouts I have mentored grow up and become independent, competent, mature, and generous young adults.

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Valuable info about skills in IT jobs.
Let's move away from "hard skills & soft skills", and instead think of them as "technical & professional skills". Professional skills like Empathy, Communication, Writing, and Contacts.
Slide by @liamo at

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Today, August 1, is World Scout Day, where we celebrate the foundation of Scouting around the world, and all those who make it possible.

To raise awareness of this, Scouting members wear our scarves today.

As part of the celebration, we award Scouting volunteers for their service to the organisation.

I have been awarded the Silver Wattle:
"Awarded for outstanding service to Scouts Australia as an Adult Member in an active Leadership role, for a period of around ten to twelve years. ‘Outstanding service’ is defined as a performance at a consistently high standard, normally over a number of assignments, all of which have provided positive outcomes for Scouting. This person’s contribution to Scouting clearly stands out from that of [their] peer group." -- scouts.com.au/about/what-is-sc

Other awardees can be found at scoutsvictoria.com.au/about-us

Went to Unicorns dance party (withdelsi.com/general-6) on Saturday night for the first time in *ages*! It was so great to see so many LGBTQIA+ friends again! 🏳️‍🌈
This is my favourite queer event because it's so diverse, inclusive, and friendly, but unfortunately only happens every 6-12 months these days. Though that just makes it all the more precious. 🙂

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I keep forgetting these 3 motivation factors, so I'm posting about them so I can look it up later. Maybe it'll help others too.

For folks with , executive function can be hard to come by. Three factors that can kick-start us to work on a task, are if that task is at least one of:

1. Urgent
2. Novel
3. Interesting

I found these 3 factors in the How To ADHD video "ADHD and Motivation" (youtu.be/OM0Xv0eVGtY?t=132).

Look! I made it out for a walk! This was hard but it feels good!
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The Thing in question 

I changed my bed linens, remade my bed, and hung out a load of laundry.

Your Thing, if any, might be different. This is totally fine. ☺️

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swears, linkedin 

Get fucked LinkedIn; you clearly have no idea what's going on with my career.

Jelly bean plant update: it's growing really well and I think I should probably try to find a larger pot and some more soil for the poor thing before it gets really cramped in there!

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Gay dating apps 

So Grindr is a gay dating/hookup mobile app, the chats/DMs for which are stored entirely on your device (unless you opt to enable Google Drive backups).
As such you can lose your chats if you delete and reinstall the app, resulting in the note of "lost chats" on many users' profiles.

Today I saw somebody with a screenshot of the Urban Dictionary entry for "lost chats" and I found it sometime entertaining (if a little... Crude/insensitive?) urbandictionary.com/define.php

food (vegan) 

I fear I may have made a mistake pouring the remaining maple syrup from its huge ~1 litre bottle into a much smaller spare Tamari bottle. I'm just waiting until I pour tamari on my pancakes or maple syrup on my rice...


Today's Wordle was evil. I considered but ruled out the answer early on. Sigh. There goes my streak.

Food (caffeine, pastries) 

This is what I get for not getting up before 12pm. My local coffee shop was out of apricot danishes. (One might mistakenly think I'll learn from this error!) 😭

I don't depend on caffeine as a substance, but enjoy a cappuccino & danish 2-3 times a week. It gets me out of the house, & tends to result in a positive start to my day.

And danishes are so yum! Look! (This was yesterday's)

covid vaccine queue 

Wow, I've just arrived at the Melbourne Museum for my second , and there's a queue out the door and all the way around the quadrangle! I'm glad so many people are getting jabbed, but this is astonishing! Looks like it's moving at a reasonable pace though? Hopefully?

Not content to just leave my first attempt at a haircut the heck alone, I decided I wanted to try to (among other things), attempt to give myself a part line (hairbydiane.com/05/28/mens-hai). And it worked! As long as I don't mind having a part line that it a whole centimetre wide! 😕

Image CW: selfie of my head from above; I'm wearing just a towel from my chest down.

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food veg 

This "lunch" (it's almost 3:30; oops) plan initially just included the plate of cheese, veggies, and biscuits, and the hommus, but then it kinda got out of hand.

We're gonna need a bigger plate.

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