Gay dating apps 

So Grindr is a gay dating/hookup mobile app, the chats/DMs for which are stored entirely on your device (unless you opt to enable Google Drive backups).
As such you can lose your chats if you delete and reinstall the app, resulting in the note of "lost chats" on many users' profiles.

Today I saw somebody with a screenshot of the Urban Dictionary entry for "lost chats" and I found it sometime entertaining (if a little... Crude/insensitive?)

food (vegan) 

I fear I may have made a mistake pouring the remaining maple syrup from its huge ~1 litre bottle into a much smaller spare Tamari bottle. I'm just waiting until I pour tamari on my pancakes or maple syrup on my rice...


Today's Wordle was evil. I considered but ruled out the answer early on. Sigh. There goes my streak.

Food (caffeine, pastries) 

This is what I get for not getting up before 12pm. My local coffee shop was out of apricot danishes. (One might mistakenly think I'll learn from this error!) 😭

I don't depend on caffeine as a substance, but enjoy a cappuccino & danish 2-3 times a week. It gets me out of the house, & tends to result in a positive start to my day.

And danishes are so yum! Look! (This was yesterday's)

covid vaccine queue 

Wow, I've just arrived at the Melbourne Museum for my second , and there's a queue out the door and all the way around the quadrangle! I'm glad so many people are getting jabbed, but this is astonishing! Looks like it's moving at a reasonable pace though? Hopefully?

Not content to just leave my first attempt at a haircut the heck alone, I decided I wanted to try to (among other things), attempt to give myself a part line ( And it worked! As long as I don't mind having a part line that it a whole centimetre wide! 😕

Image CW: selfie of my head from above; I'm wearing just a towel from my chest down.

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food veg 

This "lunch" (it's almost 3:30; oops) plan initially just included the plate of cheese, veggies, and biscuits, and the hommus, but then it kinda got out of hand.

We're gonna need a bigger plate.

selfie, no ec 

Does it look weird and uneven? Yup.
Did I cut part of my fringe on the right too short? Yup.
Is it adequate? Yes.
Do I feel better now I don't have long hair in my face and tickling my ears and neck, and in the knowledge that it won't need washing quite as often? Heck. Yes.
Would I do this again? Yeah, probably, but I'd rather not. Give me my fancy fade on the back and sides back, please!

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selfie, ec, covid lockdown 

, @mattcen edition v1.0.
I've been wanting to organise a haircut for months, but I'd put it off for Reasons™. Given lockdowns in Melbourne I haven't managed to get my hair cut professionally. I've finally bitten the bullet and decided to do it myself. I set up a webcam on a tripod with a ring light in my bathroom and connected my laptop to it so I could see the front and back of my head, and got to it.

Oh no! My 2012 Ballarat Crumpler Squid backpack has finally started to get a hole in it! Wonder if I can stitch it up adequately...

So after having been gifted this plant over two years ago, I finally decided to actually research what it is. It is a Sedum rubrotinctum, commonly known as a Jelly Bean plant.
The Wikipedia article states: "It is grown very easily and tolerates all types of soil except for those that are poorly drained."

Which explains why I managed to almost kill it a year ago when I over-watered it. I can't help but chuckle at the fact it was given to me in the only type of container that it doesn't like! 😆

Well, it only took me well over a year, but I finally both remembered to sew on my updated Scouts Australia badge *and* found my needle and thread with which to do it. Sewing onto pockets isn't something I've done before I don't think and is particularly tricky, but I got the eventually, even if it's not quite as well aligned as I'd like!

hookup apps, consent 

Both Grindr and Scruff, hook-up apps aimed at men and masc folks attracted to same, have a profile field like this pic.
Often people ignore this clear indication of (non-)consent.
I'm trying to develop a constructive reply to educate people:

"Thanks for your messages but unfortunately I'm not interested in people who don't take the time to read and honour my profile by asking before sending NSFW pics. Take care."

Dunno if it's likely to be received well though.

(AKA: "There is no spoon")
Guess it's about time to run the dishwasher.

Ooh, and I've just looked out to see a hot air balloon before it floated down below the treeline!

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