Valuable info about skills in IT jobs.
Let's move away from "hard skills & soft skills", and instead think of them as "technical & professional skills". Professional skills like Empathy, Communication, Writing, and Contacts.
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@mattcen @liamo Maybe we just stop that distinction altogether and just call them "skills", full stop?

@xahteiwi @liamo I don't think that's gonna cut it at that moment; without some form of qualification "skills" is kind of meaningless. I have lots of skills, but are they the *relevant* skills? And especially when in this case where we're talking about people who are subject matter experts in specific computer tools, but also require people or social skills for their particular role. And maybe the clarifications I've just mentioned are sufficient; it's hard to work out which terms fit best though.

@mattcen @liamo Well if I'm hiring someone for a tech writer role, writing and communications are *highly* technical skills, and since a good tech writer's job includes helping others become better writers, so is empathy.

So the hard distinction is a bit meaningless, almost regardless of what we call the two categories.

@mattcen @liamo The only distinction I make in job ads and role descriptions I write is this:

- Essential (required) skills: can't get hired or do the job without these.
- Helpful skills: greatly beneficial for the job, will improve your chances of getting hired if you have them.
- Additional skills: not required to do the job, little bearing on hiring preference, but having them will make your life easier.

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