Grindr hookup app antics 

Me: [sends their profile a "Tap"]

Them: [responds with a dozen nudes]

Me: Whoa those are some hot pics! ... But they also demonstrate you didn't read my profile. 🤦

Them: I did read your profile

Me: Even the first line which says "face pIc first, nudes later?" 🙂

Them: [sends 3 expiring photos of their face]

Me: Thanks, I appreciate you sending those, but you've missed the point. Sending unsolicited nudes is sexual harassment, and given you read my profile, is an obvious violation of my consent. I don't feel comfortable interacting with somebody who can't recognise and acknowledge that.

Them: [blocks me]

Am I surprised? Not at all.

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Grindr hookup app antics 

@mattcen 😶 trash.jpg

Grindr hookup app antics 

@mattcen this interaction kinds of sums up the average user experience in gay dating apps indeed -_-

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