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Today, August 1, is World Scout Day, where we celebrate the foundation of Scouting around the world, and all those who make it possible.

To raise awareness of this, Scouting members wear our scarves today.

As part of the celebration, we award Scouting volunteers for their service to the organisation.

I have been awarded the Silver Wattle:
"Awarded for outstanding service to Scouts Australia as an Adult Member in an active Leadership role, for a period of around ten to twelve years. ‘Outstanding service’ is defined as a performance at a consistently high standard, normally over a number of assignments, all of which have provided positive outcomes for Scouting. This person’s contribution to Scouting clearly stands out from that of [their] peer group." --

Other awardees can be found at

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@mattcen Congrats! Also, my boys have started scouts and *love* it, I have much thanks for Scout leaders!!

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