I have spent too much time alone with my thoughts over the last few weeks. This is... not the best thing.
Trying to find some productive things to occupy my mind for a couple of hours this afternoon.

Step 1 of Operation Improve mattcen's Mood: Sort some emails. Current inbox contents: 180 emails.

Down to 23 messages after archiving stuff that doesn't require a response or which I intended to read in more detail but realistically would've done already if that was ever going to happen.


... And now my email inbox is literally empty. Gosh that's a nice feeling.

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Oh, and I booked an appointment, filled out some paperwork I'd been putting off, and made some updates to my to-do list.

Not necessarily the things I *intended* to do this afternoon, but things that needed doing regardless, and which feel good to have ticked off.

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