hmm, maybe I shouldn't be doing all these things in Bash

but I am

oh well

thing I want: closures in bash
things bash does not have: closures

realisation: i shouldn't want closures in bash

@fincham I need to have function names get restored on exit of the subshell, will that happen?

@aurynn I’m not sure what you mean, do you mean like have the subshell not clobber functions from the calling shell?

@aurynn just parentheses. If you don’t know of it yet Greg’s Wiki is the best bash thing:

@aurynn you’re welcome! I love bash for all its weirdness. I am constantly learning new things


@fincham @aurynn "love bash for all its weirdness" appropriately sums up my feelings too, I think! It definitely has some technical debt in its syntax, and sometimes i think there are things I should just call out to another language for, but gosh bash is handy!

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