discussion of transphobia and exclusionary spaces 

This article echoes many of my opinions on queer spaces accessible exclusively to cisgender men. I wish these spaces were less of a thing, and it frustrates me immensely that they're so prominent. I've got lots of feelings about this.

So much so that after Wet's awful survey,I was one of the people at the consultation to try to make these spaces safer. I'm unfortunately unsure of the state of that process, though.

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discussion of transphobia and exclusionary spaces 

I did have an eye-roll at the quote "The gay cis men who spoke up to Wet," contrasted with "None of us in the LGBTIQ community are above having our own biases, being careless with our language", because this language in itself careless, because I tried to be one of the more vocal people in support of the trans community, and I'm *not* gay.

Ah well; we've got a way to go, and I probably shouldn't make this too much about me.

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