rant re Melbourne lockdown "single bubble" rules 

Somebody just pointed me at coronavirus.vic.gov.au/social-, which I don't think I'd seen before, and has clarifications I'd missed or misunderstood.

And I have some thoughts:

These rules are FUCKED.

rant re Melbourne lockdown "single bubble" rules 

As someone who's *effectively* single, I'm severely limited in who I'm allowed to see, to the point my anxiety at the fact I might need to bend the rules just so I can see a human I feel comfortable hugging or cuddling prevented me from trying to get this need met until this weekend when the isolation of not properly seeing another human for 2 months sent me in to a depressive funk such that I *needed* to visit a family member just to stay sane.

rant re Melbourne lockdown "single bubble" rules 

I *completely* understand that this virus is very contagious and needs to be treated carefully, and that the lockdown restrictions facilitate that.

But I should *not* have to compromise my mental health to the point of a literal breakdown just because I don't have the means of getting my social and physical needs met in a way that strictly adheres to the rules.

rant re Melbourne lockdown "single bubble" rules 

Sure, I can be pragmatic and put in additional safe-guards to mitigate risk, but as an autistic person who takes comfort in rules, I shouldn't *have* to make those judgement calls, at the expense of knowing I'm *probably* bending the rules, and wondering about the potential consequences of that.

Gosh, I'm *so* angry about this right now.

Somebody just cuddle me to sleep in front of a movie for fuck's sake.


rant re Melbourne lockdown "single bubble" rules 

(Like seriously, these rules are written for normie monogamous folks with 9-5 jobs, and if you don't fit that description then they're basically saying "fuck you.")

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