What if I wrote a dependency resolver in a horrible combination of bash and awk

@aurynn I never finished (though this is probably the right thing to do). There was one sneaky `tr` in there that I never got around to removing:


It's all sorts of bad.

@mattcen @aurynn I'm not sure you should be supporting me on this :P


@aurynn @xssfox What Aurynn said. :)

Seriously though I like well-written Bash and the purity of not needing to call separate programs (even though I admit it's hard to protect against weird edge cases, e.g. whitespace stuff. doubly-so if you want your code to be readable), and it would be such a shame to not be able to remove that one measly external call!

And it gave me a brief fun exercise to work out how whether Bash pattern substitution appropriately supported character classes. :)

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