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27/ Turn the Ship Around! by L. David Marquet. An unlikely advocate for decentralised, anarchic structures. Much better as a memoir than as the management book it wants to be. #rixxReads

28/ War Music by Christopher Logue. Retelling of the Iliad in form of a modern poem. Excellent stuff, well-researched and full of ancient heroes and modern sentiment. I'm a bit in love. #rixxReads

29/ Clean Sweep by Ilona Andrews. A bit more trashy than I like, not as good as her Kate Daniels series. I still like the sentient inn/magical innkeeper trope, though. #rixxReads

30/ Stoker's Wilde by Steven Hopstaken. Bram Stoker and Oscar Wilde hunt vampires and talk about it in their letters. Very meh. #rixxReads

31/ Lord of Light by Roger Zelazny. Space Hinduism! Extremely fun 60s sci-fi novel, and also thoughtful commentary on cultural appropriation. #rixxReads

32/ The Wizards and the Warriors by Hugh Cook. Much less generic than the title makes it sound, but didn't really work for me regardless. Felt like ASOIAF x Malazan. #rixxReads

33/ Sharp Teeth by Toby Barlow. Urban fantasy novel about big city werewolves … told entirely in verse. Apparently I'm a sucker for modern poems. Yessss. #rixxReads

34/ Legend by David Gemmell. Big heroic classic fantasy. Better than it sounds, but not that much. #rixxReads

35/ A Memory Called Empire by Arkady Martine. Excellent scifi including technology and language and culture (so much language and culture). Loved it even more on the re-read. #rixxReads

36/ A Desolation Called Peace by Arkady Martine. As good as the first part, in different ways. Still sci-fi focused on culture and language, and I want more. #rixxReads

37/ The Door into Sunset by Diane Duane. The weakest part of the Door Into series, leaving us hanging without a real end. #rixxReads

38/ The Riddle-Master of Hed by Patricia A. McKillip. Unconventional fantasy, reminded me of Earthsea. Glad I read it despite the oddly distanced storytelling. #rixxReads

39/ Heir of Sea and Fire by Patricia A. McKillip. Good second part of the series – unconventional, as it makes the first protagonist's fiancée the new protagonist. #rixxReads

40/ Harpist in the Wind by Patricia A. McKillip. Interesting conclusion to the trilogy. Not what I expected. Good stuff, and rewards attention to detail. #rixxReads

41/ The Curse of Chalion by Lois McMaster Bujold. Sadly, Bujold's Fantasy is not for me. I'll stick with the Vorkosigan saga. #rixxReads

42/ Sixteen Ways to Defend a Walled City by K.J. Parker. Not quite as good as the title, but decent. Roman military engineering fanfiction, in a good-ish way. #rixxReads

43/ Sweep in Peace by Ilona Andrews. More fantastical innkeeper stories. This time – intergalactic diplomacy edition. Enjoyable comfort read. #rixxReads

44/ One Fell Sweep by Ilona Andrews. The Innkeeper series with more of an ensemble cast. Not bad, but worse than the previous books, I'm probably going to stop reading here. #rixxReads

45/ The Bone Ships by R. J. Barker. Proof that worldbuilding-focused fiction is not restricted to sci-fi. Enjoyed this a lot, though – an extremely well-built naval fantasy world, with ships and sea dragons and all kinds of great stuff. #rixxReads

46/ The Ten Thousand Doors of January by Alix E. Harrow. Coming-of-age portal fantasy. Nice, but not my cup of tea. #rixxReads

47/ The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller. Basically Achilles fanfiction. A bit better than I make it sound but not *that* much better. Reading this so soon after War Music was not a good idea. #rixxReads

48/ Catfishing on CatNet by Naomi Kritzer. Excellent YA about a friendly AI that really only wants to look at cat pictures (and help their friends). #rixxReads

49/ Orconomics by J. Zachary Pike. Super fun fantasy satire – reminded me a lot of Pratchett, in a D&D-ish world. Managed to be often fun, mostly interesting, and occasionally genuinely hearbreaking. #rixxReads

50/ The March North by Graydon Saunders. Extraordinary start to an extraordinary series. I love it to pieces, as weird and unreadable as it is. #rixxReads

51/ Heretics by G.K. Chesterton. Chesterton is an extremely entertaining bastard. Heretics is a good read if you can tolerate him. #rixxReads

52/ A Succession of Bad Days by Graydon Saunders. "A fairy-tale lost in a civil engineering manual", literally. Amazing stuff, if you like civil engineering manuals in your fantasy. #rixxReads

53/ Safely You Deliver by Graydon Saunders. This one is pure worldbuilding, but three books into a series is a good place for that. #rixxReads

54/ Under One Banner by Graydon Saunders. A drop in quality, but still nice worldbuilding. Only worth it if you enjoy the series a lot. #rixxReads

55/ A Mist of Grit and Splinters by Graydon Saunders. The latest Commonweal book circles back to mil sci-fi. I still enjoy the book, but it's enjoyment in spite of most of the story. #rixxReads

56/ The Black Tides of Heaven by J.Y. Yang. Asian-inspired genderfun fantasy. Not compelling to me, but not terrible either. #rixxReads

57/ Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas. Coming-of-age novel about a trans gay Latinx boy in the US, who fights to become a brujo and solve a mystery. Well-done intersectional queer-by-default YA. #rixxReads

58/ Peter Darling by Austin Chant. Peter Pan, a trans boy, returns to Neverland to figure things out and finally grow up, by the power of Hook's pretty eyes or something. #rixxReads

59/ City of Lies by Sam Hawke. White-hat assassin siblings have to save the not-king from poison attempts and defend the realm. Nice inversion of the shining city into the decadent city on a rotting foundation. #rixxReads

60/ The Innkeeper's Song by Peter S. Beagle. Reminded me of Princess Bride in places: very solid, always slightly unconventional fantasy, but failed to grip me. Still an enjoyable read, Beagle just can't disappoint. #rixxReads

61/ The Seep by Chana Porter. Earth gets infected by aliens who give everybody amazing powers at the price of turning them into hippies. Slow and underexplored. #rixxReads

62/ Sooner or Later Everything Falls Into the Sea by Sarah Pinsker. Short story collection - two or three really worked for me, and you can't ask more than that from a story collection. #rixxReads

63/ Trail of Lightning by Rebecca Roanhorse. Urban fantasy, set on a reservation in post-collapse America. Follows all the genre tropes – not bad, just not good either. #rixxReads

@rixx what is this platform you're hosting your book info on? Is it a custom app you've written? It it's source available? I'm intrigued by it!

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