Most photographers embraced digital, but Lobo stuck with his darkroom. I asked him why.

“Your best images are when you can sense your own mortality,” he explained. “Others … put themselves in danger to take that special photo. I’m … more hardy.” Everyone knew Lobo was a werewolf.

“But this stuff.” He casually swirled a stoppered vial of silver nitrate solution. “This can kill me. For me, the danger is in the developing, not the taking.”

They were good photos.



@FutzleFiction and now I'm thinking about Otto Chriek.
"The inherent problem with being a Vampire Iconographer is that flashes of bright light will cause Otto to shriek in pain, and more often than not reduce him to a pinch of dust on the floor."

@mattcen I do love how Terry was able to extrapolate how all of these kinds of people adapted to living in a technological society.

@FutzleFiction Yes! The industrial revolution (and other events) of a parallel universe affords a delightful mirror to help introspect our own!

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