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It's like most people just have *no* idea how Docker images work or something and are just copying random code excerpts off the internet or something. Which is probably true, but no less concerning.

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I was just reading up on the Signal Proxy thing (See Their current Dockerfiles make some... *interesting* choices, to say the least. They have two identical Dockerfiles rather than just using one, and install nginx on ubuntu rather than using the upstream nginx image (both of these issues are fixed by different, currently unmerged, PRs).

Also, if Signal weren't a centralised messaging system (like @matrix or @session ) this wouldn't be as much of a problem.

I was digging around in the LG ThinQ mobile app (LG's IoT app) to try to reconnect my washing machine to my WiFi (don't ask), and noticed this page which shows my washing machine's energy usage over time.

That's great and all... but where are the units on the Y-axis of this graph? For that matter, where are the *numbers*? All I can tell is that on 2 days in the last week I used some energy and the other days, I didn't!

Happy Visibility Day, everyone! In Australia, the Strand Bi Us forum (mostly online) is happening this weekend for anyone interested:

Pictured: me, popping into the visible light spectrum just for the day. (I'm in bed because I have COVID 😢)

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Tomorrow you can buy any .au domain that hasn’t already been claimed; the six-month priority period expires today.

There should be several upcoming comical examples of businesses that didn’t buy theirs finding a domain squatter has bought it.

Yesterday I went to Gilwell Park Scout Camp for the Scouts Victoria Adult Recognition awards, and was awarded my Silver Wattle (see previous post for details).

I also had the pleasure to see James, a Rover and one of my previous scouts, receive a Special Service Award. It's always makes me so proud to see the scouts I have mentored grow up and become independent, competent, mature, and generous young adults.

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That moment when you realise you're tilting your coffee cup to the point of spilling and are *really* glad that you made a point of putting the lid on tightly so you don't lose a drop!

Oh, how I wish speakers would stop putting animations (especially gifs) in their slide decks. They're incredibly distracting, particularly for us neurodivergent folks!

Great keynote by @lady_nerd at about ensuring *every* organisation has access to information security training, and support to mitigate their risks in this space. Let's all do our bit to spread the word, because when one org is at risk, we all are.

Valuable info about skills in IT jobs.
Let's move away from "hard skills & soft skills", and instead think of them as "technical & professional skills". Professional skills like Empathy, Communication, Writing, and Contacts.
Slide by @liamo at

What would be your preferred frequency of pre-scheduled one-on-ones with your manager, if you could set it all by yourself without having to consider what other people or organizations do?

(Please pick the option that's closest to your preference. Signal boosts appreciated!)

food (vegan) 

It finally happened. My partner started pouring maple syrup on his noodles before realising it wasn't actually tamari. Apparently it's actually not a bad combo!

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A tube of glue will be placed at each recycling bin to assist with unbreaking. If your glass is currently unbroken, please use the kitchen hammer to prepare it for reassembly and recycling.

File Explorer: *cartoon lackey voice* duh, hey boss. These files are too big to just throw in the recycle bin. What's do you wants we should do?

Me: *New York mob boss voice* Well then, I guess we're just gonna have to remove them... POIMANENTLY.

The coffee machine here seems to have malfunctioned and not put any actual coffee in my latte. I have effectively been served a giant babycino.

... I'm not hating it but I'm probably going to need to have a nap in the server room in half an hour.

That isn't "quitting". That's the opposite of quitting. That's literally doing your job.

Even a quarter-century ago it was generally considered out of the ordinary to take work home or to stay late at the office, and people who went excessively beyond their job responsibilities were seen as brown-nosers.

Now management is trying to frame doing your job as "quitting"? What sort of happy horseshit is this?

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So I've been seeing the term "quiet quitting" being bandied about recently, but nobody's actually defined it, so I decided to look it up, and...

it's just "doing what's in your contract and what you're being paid to do instead of going above and beyond without getting paid for it and giving way more to the company than they give to you"

and people are genuinely trying to convince workers that this is a bad thing to do

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