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I read a post on Instagram a few days ago from one of the girls who owns a salon where I get my brows done which explained how the lockdown easement is one entirely based around the wants and needs of men, and I haven’t stopped thinking about it (1)

Hey folks, @aurynn and I are running the #DevOops track for PyConAU online this year. We'd love to hear talks about failure and recovery. CFP is here: 2020.pycon.org.au/speak/
Pls boost!

Just published some final thoughts on some specific settings I needed for running Mastodon on an OpenStack cloud.

I'll be writing more content about how I deployed Cloud Island as I migrate onto autoscaling and a full CD pipeline - stay tuned! 😄


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I wrote A Thing about changing the default Git branch for new repositories created with 'git init': leigh.net.au/writing/git-init-

I've had this song stuck in my head ever since I heard it recently!
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THREE TRAIN LINES!! The most Melbourne song to ever cross the Yarra, one of my best, an absolute BANGER, finally has the ULTIMATE ISOCRAFTING CLIP. Pls share. Pleeease. PLEEEEEEEASE (Patreon link in bio) youtu.be/CpOm7NNcne8

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hey so Linux people:

I want to be able to rebind all the shortcuts to use meta instead of ctrl, to more accurately act like macOS.

I do *not* mean remap. I want ctrl to still be ctrl, so ctrl-c sends a normal ctrl-c. I just don't want it to be used for the "copy" action.

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Hi everyone. It’s been a couple months now since I got made redundant and while I’ve not been idle, I’m still not employed.

If you have a role going that I’d be suitable for I’d love to chat.

If you want to know what that role might look like, try this: jeamland.net/posts/on-the-hunt

Hey, @purpleconNZ. I've been looking for the Great Archive for both the 2018 and 2019 conferences, but the only references I can find are on the CFP pages for each year's con.
Can you please point me in the right direction?

TFW you've finally decided to properly get into @Docker and you re-watch a couple of @jessfraz talks (youtube.com/watch?v=7mzbIOtcIa) and then have songs about little boxes stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

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Thanks @CyberGovAU - updated software and MFA are always good advice. But you for got to mention encryption. Widespread adoption of end-to-end encrypted communication and storage services would mitigate the risk because when intruders broke in, the data wouldn't be readable. twitter.com/CyberGovAU/status/

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Ally McBeal airing an episode in 1999 that has the main character getting served after she displays biphobia. Ahead of its time!

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Labels let you know what’s in your inbox. Labels are now on Fastmail, and that’s something to smile about 😀

Learn more and enjoy! fastmail.blog/2020/06/15/fastm

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The CTO at my first job, who was 20m away in his office, called me to ask me to stop sharing my salary info. He said I was embarrassing him. I told him he was going about the problem all wrong.

I repeated this at the next digital agency I worked at. And I'd do it again. twitter.com/Inhumansoflate1/st

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macOS Catalina on KVM on Ubuntu WSL.

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Dear @jk_rowling,

This week, two black trans women - Dominique “Rem’mie” Fells and Riah Milton - were murdered. The details are horrific, involving dismemberment and bodies in rivers. In light of that, I want to take a moment to explain to you why your TERF ideology is lethal.

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