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Hey Fediverse - the world can be a pretty shitty place sometimes.

One of the few things that was good about Twitter was @asherwolf 's "Best Thing Of The Day" posts.

Talking to Asher, she's encouraged me to take up the practice directly. So I've been following through here and elsewhere.

I encourage you all to also take up the practice either by asking yourself the question "What was the best thing about today?" once a day and posting under or following @bestthingsbot to reflect on the best part of your day. It's only got 73 followers and few replies and I think collectively we can do better.

I realise not every day IS a good day and even posts like "a comfortable bed when I got home" is still fine too. It's LITERALLY the thought that counts here.

It's a simple ""Antidote to dissatisfaction" practice that has real world positive benefits with scientific backing (See Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
- )

I have started doing this yesterday here:

Where I am, the day is just getting started, I'll bump this later tonight.

I know when I first started this, just even contemplating this felt like a smack in the face to my brain, so I'll get it in early so the thoughts there for later tonight.

Or post now if you're global!

Is redirecting all Go-related traffic through a proxy, presumably with the added benefit of being able to inspect it, Go-ogling?

Jelly bean plant update: it's growing really well and I think I should probably try to find a larger pot and some more soil for the poor thing before it gets really cramped in there!

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TIL service pups watch movies in theaters as part of their training

Things that we don't realize until it's too late in most cases: we can lose everything we write in Facebook, Twitter, or in any other corporation's run social network from night to day because of corporate decisions.

“A witch ought never to be frightened in the darkest forest, Granny Weatherwax had once told her, because she should be sure in her soul that the most terrifying thing in the forest … was her.”
― Terry Pratchett, Wintersmith

🎶All the little angels
Rise up rise up
All the little angels
Rise up high🎶

I keep thinking of tech projects I'd like to do (mostly involving self-hosting some service or other) but every time I do I remember that I haven't done so yet because the project is full of yaks, dragons and rabbit holes (oh my). Gosh I wish there was a little less friction around some of this stuff.
(FYI I'm not seeking advice. I know what my options are and have considered ramifications of various alternatives.)

I love how most people provide alt text for their images. This is amazing and so helpful. Thank you everyone and keep using alt text!!!

selfie ec, boosts appreciated 

So happy to be both very straight and very cis. Yup, that's me /s

Uh I just got DMed by the COO of Tumblr asking about hiring contractors to make us fully #indieweb compliant, and possibly even #fediverse integration. Anyone out there looking for work?

Hey all people out there 👋

If you use Woodpecker or Drone, it would be nice to know why you decided that way. (Pro/Con)

this is not about bashing but to document for others who still face the decision.

please respond to this toot or write directly to

We like to create something similar to

#WoodpeckerCI #Drone #DroneCI #ci #selfhosting #community #question

If you're wondering about the status of the project, it hasn't gone anywhere!

We're having a little discussion about it here, if you're at all interested in helping out:

For the #NZTwits who are liking the fediverse experience:
There exists an open/federated IM/chat system called Matrix.
It supports all the features you've come to expect from messenger/Whatsapp/slack/discord/etc including end-to-end encryption. Apps for all platforms + a web thing.
The global userbase is already measured in the millions and there's even an active NZ community.

And the best part? Your favorite sysop (@idanoo) is already running an instance
Get amongst it!

As an alternative to FediTips, you might want to also check out @noelle's "Increasingly Less-Brief Guide to Mastodon":

It's got slightly different takes on many issues, but hopefully seeing a different perspective will give you a fuller understanding of how Mastodon works.

#MastoTips #Mastodon #FediTips #Fediverse

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