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I accidentally planted flowers on the wrong tomb. That's a pretty grave mistake

no don’t come over I was just getting up anyway oh by the way someone squashed the pansy on the end don’t know who

web dev, system administration, recommendations welcome! 

anyone know a good resource that concisely explains characteristics of good monitoring/alerting setups for devops/sysadmins? e.g. clear, actionable messages with contextual info, in as few locations/channels as reasonable, high SNR, etc?

i feel like i've read on this topic before but nothing i can find or recall specifically rn, and i think my target audience needs a better writer than me, and/or an appeal to authority, to get the message

Can I borrow your brains for a moment?

Suppose you have a complex application that has backend services (MySQL, M*ng*DB) and frontend Django apps. The frontend apps by themselves are stateless; all persistent state lives in the databases.

when you regret open sourcing Java because eventually your daughter has to learn it


Hello, World! Story time: For the last six months, we were working on pushing our based CMS from proof-of-concept to prototype. The medienhaus/cms will allow members of to create and publish projects and events to the public-facing Rundgang 2021 website.


πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ #Cybersecurity: EU to ban anonymous websites and β€œwhois privacy” services. The LIBE Committee supports indiscriminatory identification of domain holders incl. your phone number in Whois:

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As part of a company hackathon, I'm trying to write a very simple client for ESP8266 (and maybe others). Logging in and sending text-only messages is already "implemented". I appreciate your feedback! PR and/or issue.


Feeling like *such* an adult just now after unclogging my bathroom drain. It was *so* gross. And I'm so glad for S-bends in drains because it was definitely more efficient to unscrew it and clean the U part of the S-bend than waiting for cleaning product to do its thing. (albeit, as I said, gross.)

This has been on my list for a few weeks and steadily getting more and more clogged and it finally hit "bad enough to be worth the effort to fix", so I'm very glad it's done.

Style/language question. English native speakers, if I give you the noun "conviction" and ask you for the matching verb, what's the first word that pops up in your head?

ResBaz Sydney 2021 general registrations are open!

ResBaz is a digital skills event for researchers and research students: ResBaz Sydney 2021 is online-only on Tue 23-Thu 25th November


OMG these messages just keep coming. Need a Bayesian anti-spam filter on my SMSes for the word "voicemail"! πŸ™„

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Do you work with and , such as used for & tools? This might be collecting, cleaning, parsing data, or using data to train and evaluate models πŸ’» 🎀 πŸ“ˆ

As part of my at ANU (not on fediverse), I'm doing some exploratory interviews to help shape a survey. The survey and interviews will help us understand practice in voice, and create tools to help make voice tech fairer for everyone.

Ethics protocol: 2021/427

Would appreciate boosts / RTs for reach πŸ’–

A couple of times of late I've talked myself out of starting vulnerable conversations with people (mostly for fear of rejection). This is starting to get on my nerves. Get a grip, brain!

Anyone a CSS/Javascript expert able to do simple things fast w/only #FOSS? We need to spruce up our site quickly. We've got the Django parts but need someone w/great CSS/Javascript skills to work with us on it. Ideally, you'd have 2 days of contractor time over the next week...

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