music creation, swears 

I’m making a fuckin’ ’80s anthem here. It’s so much fun. Wish you could hear it.

coronavirus, terrible but accidental pun 

This is perhaps the best accidental language pun of all time. “Covid-19 variants to be given Greek alphabet names to avoid stigma”

Old mate NR66 turned up in our yard this weekend.

me: I'll go to sleep pretty soon

Georgia: nahhhh

what do you call a werewolf youtuber? 


Hi All,

New here, and still discovering what the fediverse is all about, but glad to see a few familiar names here already. Came to following a post from @mattcen.

As from my profile... Software engineering at Aussie mailbox provider Fastmail. Rider of a bike. Teller of <s>bad</s> dad jokes. Yeller at Clouds.

Currently living in Melbourne.


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