@littlerang Welcome to our little corner of the internet! 👋🏻

Hello, new people! Here's a few tips on how to improve your mastodon experience:

-the timeline is in chronological order. Yeah, unbelievable. But it's true.
-boosts weigh way more than favs.
-please don't import twitter/insta drama.
-please always caption images. There is an automatic text recognition thing that will help you.
-please stop using google, amazon, microsoft and apple products :)
-install linux
-please fav, boost and comment all of my toots and send me follow requests
-give me attention, I need it

Thank you for reading and welcome! :blobraccoon:

Going from Instagram to Mastodon feels like going from the big ticketed function to kick-ons. The decor isn't as fancy here and the house is a little bit weird, but everyone's pretty friendly and there's no bouncers being jerks

Henlo, I'm Kara aka karakarakara. I'm a white, ginge 20 something year old living on stolen land in Naarm (melb) dreaming of Badtjala/K'gari country (fraser coast) and my pronouns are she/her. I'm an avid music fan working in the "music industry" but hate saying that out loud cos it sounds corporate af and I'm not about that clique shit. Here hoping that perhaps the internet CAN be everything it set out to be. Rly not interested in starring in the next season of black mirror tbh.

I want to learn how to take a compliment and how to give one,
I want to master the art of debating,
I want my cat back,
I want to live with housemates again even though it’ll probably be shit cos I had it so good before,
I want someone to just lay my multiple futures out in front of me and make of list of the pros and cons of each,
I want guidance,
I want assurance,
I want treasure,
I want abundance,

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I want good life advice,
I wanna get out of here,
I wanna surround myself with effortless friendships,
I want things to be easy,
I wanna read more books,
I want to make time,
I want to burn my phone,
I want everything to slow the fuck down,
I wanna time travel,
I wanna write,
I want to be published,
I want real, tangible change,
I want action,

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Untitled 20/12/20 1:20

I wanna show me bum,
I want Jodie Comer’s wardrobe,
I want to wake up from a good dream and fall straight back asleep to the exact spot I left off,
I want a dog,
I wanna paint,
I want to want to paint,
I want my home-base back,
I want to envision my future,
I wanna be good at running,
I want answers,
I want closure,
I want joy,
I want a fucking orgasm already,
I want a wedding and no marriage,
I want people to stop giving me life advice,

Anyone else feel like it’s 2006 and you’ve just been peer pressured into moving over to facey from myspace and you feel wide-eyed, tiny and insignificant but on the cusp of great change and growth or is it just me?


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