Most photographers embraced digital, but Lobo stuck with his darkroom. I asked him why.

“Your best images are when you can sense your own mortality,” he explained. “Others … put themselves in danger to take that special photo. I’m … more hardy.” Everyone knew Lobo was a werewolf.

“But this stuff.” He casually swirled a stoppered vial of silver nitrate solution. “This can kill me. For me, the danger is in the developing, not the taking.”

They were good photos.



@FutzleFiction @futzle I love this one


(but silver nitrate is used as the emulsion layer to film as a halide, not developer, or as sensitiser for salt/albumen paper which don’t need developing)

@liamvhogan @futzle So he should’ve waved around an undeveloped roll of film? I strive for accuracy in my stories of the paranormal.

@FutzleFiction @futzle I reckon there’s something in a werewolf doing their own salt paper sensitising with silver nitrate, since it’s also such an archaic form. But! The heavy silver salts also collect in fixer, which makes it toxic and environmentally very nasty, and naturally also bad for werewolves—this could become an enviro-horror story

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