Read this you muppets (via @jasonwilson), a guide to writing in Markdown, that reflects a lot of what I've been doing all along:

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@liamvhogan @jasonwilson The handwave over "simply use LaTeX to create PDFs" is somewhat less than helpful.

@liamvhogan @jasonwilson I eagerly await the update for collaborative editing wherein our adventurer attempts to teach git to non-computer people.

@daedalus @liamvhogan Well I deliberately handwaved, the point is that there are more complicated options which make it even more powerful, but you needn't worry about that when you're getting started. That said, it's not terribly difficult if you use off the shelf document templates with Pandoc

@daedalus @liamvhogan Ah wait, my apologies. I thought that Liam had linked to my post. The comment about it not being hugely complicated still stands

@jasonwilson @liamvhogan Sorry for accidentally tagging you! It was tongue-in-cheek banter based on experience. Your advice is excellent and I'm seeing it get shared around in a bunch of places, which makes me happy.

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