@liamvhogan remember to close the tap while brushing teeth!!

@liamvhogan no, pls don't.

The boat is stuck.
Not because of structural problems.
It's because it's too big for the canal.

@wolf480pl @liamvhogan This isn't meant to be literal, but metaphorical.

But, in fact, the tendency for carrier ships to get increasingly large, because this maximises profit for those running the cargo ships, is in fact a structural phenomenon. Even if Evergreen didn't do it, everyone else is; some other boat may have got stuck there instead of Ever Given. So it doesn't take too much stretching to make this literal.

@wizzwizz4 @liamvhogan
Yes, but solving that won't get the ship unstuck.

Looks, we could chase the causality chain and look for why this happened and whom to blame and how to make sure that it doesn't happen again, but then we'd go into a territory where we can't agree on facts anymore.

@wolf480pl @liamvhogan Okay, but this meme is about how making different personal choices barely makes a dent in solving structural problems. Not about a boat in a canal.

> but then we'd go into a territory where we can't agree on facts anymore.

That's why one is supposed to look at the outside world, instead of generating facts inside your head. That way, you can work out how to solve these things.

@wizzwizz4 @liamvhogan
I haven't seen the boat with my own eyes, let alone the structural problem of ships being made bigger for efficiency. And it's unlikely that an average person spreading memes on fedi has seen any of that.

Most people get their "facts" from some kind of media, and for anything more complex than "big boat stuck", different media will disagree, depending on their interest, alignment, and other biases.

@wolf480pl @liamvhogan Well, there are two simple solutions to that:

• Know about problems before they get big and popular, and knowledge starts to be politicised.
• Use sources from before the problem was big and popular.

These strategies don't work for, say, the COVID-19 pandemic (where it was popular before it was big), but they do work for something *just recently* popular that has been a known issue for a while.

And it's still not about the boat. (I regret saying that it could be.)

@wizzwizz4 @liamvhogan the poor boat had nothing to do with it but was still dragged into the discussion :(

@liamvhogan is the message supposed to be that making different personal choices looks insufficient to the challenge but given persistence will eventually solve the problem? That's kinda how it reads to me, I mean they're eventually going to dig it out enough to tow it loose.

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