the idea of 'borrowing' an e-book is so definitionally perverse I can't even describe it

I'd feel more positive towards 'borrowing' an ebook from a library to which I subscribe, if I could 'lend' any given ebook I own to friends or family

@liamvhogan Me too, I thought I'm the only one thinking like this LoL

@liamvhogan Not quite as bad as not being able to borrow an ebook because someone else has it on loan.

@Gina @pelagikat @liamvhogan yep! Libraries only get X number of licenses for each ebook so you have to wait for someone to "return" it before you can "borrow" it. I've had to wait three months for some titles. Thank goodness the library has fifty licenses for Ready Player One though!

@Gina @pelagikat @liamvhogan after off-campus bookstores that sell used textbooks, public libraries are the second highest target that publishers are intent on destroying

@robotcarsley @Gina @pelagikat @liamvhogan it's like they *want* to drive you to using P2P, b-ok and libgen instead!!

@liamvhogan My mom can't understand how I don't understand that.

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