Australian spy agencies with the draft brief to the minister that just says: 'CHINA: inscrutable'

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@liamvhogan it’s taken a month to put together the draft because half of the writing team has an uncontrollable urge to use the perjorative “celestial” and they keep having to edit it out during review because the minister won’t understand the term

@ThermiteBeGiants 'Brett, if we describe China as a unified five-thousand year old culture with a manifest destiny to rule the world, are we buying into Orientalist stereotypes or CCP propaganda'

@liamvhogan I imagine that everyone in that ASIO office is named Brett, but they report to a 63-year old bloke called Roger

@ThermiteBeGiants Le Carré's spies had work names cribbed from Buchan and Kipling. ASIO's spies are just called Brett and Shane and Jason and Kylie

@liamvhogan Jasons work at the AFP. Shanes work at Border Force. Kylie is Internal Affairs because all the managers still think she’s part of the typing pool

@liamvhogan got an acre plot just outside Tarago, that means I can take every other Monday off because I’m “moving the cattle”

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