Two screen caps from the SMH illustrate the principle that there’s no such thing as a labour shortage, only employers who won’t pay a market-clearing wage

A whole cohort of year 12 kids graduating into the most fucked jobs market since men habitually wore hats, and these people won’t pay a wage to compete with ‘might as well join the Army’

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They want someone from overseas, can speak more than one language, is a student, has good table manners? Ok, there’s actual breadlines of international uni students. Offer them a legal wage, you’ll get middle class babysitters. These people

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‘complaining about the cost and availability of domestic servants’ is the Sydney Morning Herald going back to its roots though

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@liamvhogan can’t even get the ingrates to cross the Gladesville Bridge any more.

@ben_hr is there anything more Australian than an industry lobby group demanding special treatment from the immigration authorities

@liamvhogan @ben_hr nothing will top the industry built entirely on avoiding FBT successfully lobbying to reverse the changes Rudd 2.0 finally made to remove incentives to drive company cars more.

@liamvhogan I sometimes go for a wade through turn of the century Sydney newspapers on Trove and my goodness you have a point.

@liamvhogan this is doing bad things to my blood pressure and mental health.

@liamvhogan funny, Defence applications are up by roughly the same as the rate of underutilisation of young people. There’s a timeline series begging for someone to see if there’s a trend there...

@emmadavidson I get that there’s a certain proportion of young people attracted to a military career and honestly, it’s a legitimate trade! But hunger recruitment is also a centuries old thing

@liamvhogan yes, it worries me a lot. I considered it in 1992 as a way to pay for uni which I couldn’t afford. Luckily got an office job instead.

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