In terms of community trust, there is an important hierarchy in which politicians, real estate agents sit at the bottom, and nurses, social workers, first responders are at the top, but all must give respect to the truly most trusted figures of all: the weird units posting constantly on specific model car and motorbike mechanical internet forums

I would happily exist in a State headed by someone whose only qualification was to have opinions about 10W50 vs 20W50 oil

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@liamvhogan make sure it’s non-detergent oil so that you don’t create massive piston-ring blow by

@liamvhogan I read that as "heated" not "headed" and was very excited for the state to just heat everybody's homes in winter. But then I remembered what it was like living north of Beijing one winter and the first week or so of that sucked.

@drbuttocks I have talked to Canadians who rate Sydney winters as more unpleasant than Canadian winters. They insulate

@liamvhogan Yeah, the Canadians I met in China who had been to Melbourne were of the opinion they'd much rather have a Canadian winter than a Melbourne one for the same reasons.

@drbuttocks @liamvhogan absolutely. I never had problems indoors when in winter in Beijing. The most was the air got -really- dry and we needed to get a humidifier. Australian buildings just aren't built for cold.

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