@hugh @koosli this is so relevant to my interests (the Australian fascination with forms as a simulacrum of management)

@liamvhogan @hugh @koosli That's really interesting! Physical evidence of the "Lucky Country" mediocrity of Australian management as it intersects with the cultural ultracop desire.

@daedalus @hugh @koosli no I think it’s a more fundamental aspect of modernity (which is not to say Australian ultracop culture isn’t real).

Think of every activity you’ve done where you’re required to sign an obviously legally unenforceable waiver (‘participants accept all risk, indemnify DangerousGoKarts Pty Ltd in perpetuity, and will not sue!’): it’s only the existence of the *form* that makes the risk *real*

@liamvhogan @hugh @koosli It makes the implicit explicit, the invisible visible. I wonder if there's an aspect of Ask Culture vs. Guess Culture in there as well?

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