In the grim darkness of the far, far future, there is only BUREAUCRACY

[I move a tiny model of a Space Planner towards the objective, a Review of Determination form]

MYTH: country of knockabout larrikins having a go

ACTUALITY: your application has been refused as the correct form has not been completed

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I think it was Sheila Fitzpatrick who observed about the Stalin era USSR that the law was written in such a way that nobody could live or work without doing *something* illegal, so that everybody was subject to extralegal arbitrary power, and administration worked at the whims of minor officials. Which applies equally to neoliberal era Australia

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@liamvhogan I think it was Peter Ustinov who observed that for every Australian descended from a roguish convict there’s one descended from a gaoler

@mikelynch @liamvhogan hearing feedback from our staff on the latest rules we have to comply with while working with women in prison here, I concur with @liamvhogan’s assessment.

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