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Whereof one cannot give it up, therefore, one must turn it loose

(Brown, J.)

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I could not have had a more glorious day out on the water, at both high speed and then very low precise speed


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End of day 1: that was tiring and that was the whiteboard day

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I love, more than I can really describe, the experience of taking apart and fixing an object that is meant for riding about at high speed. It’s the best.

One minute it’s all in bits and your hands are covered in grease, an hour later you’re weaving down Enmore Road Newtown, abiding by the laws of NSW and physics.


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Complete success. The answer was hitting it harder, with a hammer

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Over time the bearing balls wear into the race they sit on, and make the steering 'notchy', typically sticking a little bit when the front wheel is pointed straight ahead.

For the last two registration cycles, the mechanic has said to me, 'bike's fine, steering bearings are fucked'. Third time unlucky I think

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I have two jobs on:

1. oil and filter change (easy)

2. disassemble the steering to replace the headstock bearings (constant screaming)

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An Irish blessing: if you are notable enough for a Wikipedia entry of your own, may it never have a ‘Controversies’ heading ☘️

Half-day today and to the motorbike workshop after lunch for spanner time. TGIF.


You walk west down the street. There is a CAT here.


The cat lets you give it a pat.

My most offensively gen x opinion is that 'Disco 2000' > 'Common People'

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The leash cat, the most humiliated animal


This is the big one, Beef, I’m talkin’ physical therapy, speaking at high schools

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That feeling is my body saying ‘welcome to your forties, arsehole’

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