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'LOL nothing matters' is the organising principle of our age

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You could say I’m ‘bringing’ ‘it’ ‘back’

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My top listened genres

1. Vapourpop
2. Funk beatwave
3. Low fi pop
4. Popvapour
5. Beatpop metal
6. Reggaewave
7. Dubbin
8. Two stroke vapour
9. Rap wave funk
10. Popbeatvapourwavefi

Today’s the day I ask myself the eternal question, again, ‘do I need another second hand camera’

This is a thing I have thought for a long time, that the late 1990s were _weirder_ than we remember, and maybe weirder than we can remember

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'[Nick] Land later grew obsessed with the occult, and spent a period of time believing himself to be inhabited by three separate beings. Some time after that, he emerged as the intellectual star—if only for the softness of the competition—of the neoreactionary movement, a precursor to the alt-right. This man may need an exorcist; what he definitely doesn’t need is disciples...'

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FWIW whenever I go to write that magazine's name I end up with 'Camooweal' which is not at all the same thing

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Of all the vehicle classes most prime for electric conversion, go-karts must be up there. All torque, range irrelevant. Bzzzzzz.

On my holiday I read James Meek's _To Calais in Ordinary Time_, which is one of the most interesting novels I've read in a while, for the different Englishes its characters use. I can't stop thinking about it.

tired: arguing in bad faith

wired: arguing in bad taste

inspired: agreement in bad taste

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