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You’re hearing it more and more: Swans premiership 2021

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'LOL nothing matters' is the organising principle of our age

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New South Wales politics right now. Everyone do the ten claps

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There's a very fine line between craeft appreciation and going full Paul Kingsnorth. But it's there

Shit pitch: 'the wok left'.

Political-social movement to cook all foods at high heat in a large concave pan

I have the most overpowering urge to walk out of my office, go home, get on my motorbike, start riding it, and that's as far as I've got in my plan

Hey kids! Want to be forced to regularly spend large amounts of money maintaining an object you dislike, which only ever becomes less useful and valuable? Why not own a car?

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:drake_dislike: paying money to edit PDFs in some baroque Acrobat edition

:drake_like: fuckin ghostscript babyyyy

Every time I put my car in for a service I am reminded how terrible it is to own a car


* road runner


* coyote

I am on an email chain that includes me, and other men named Alan, Leon and Neil. It's making me twitch


State and Commonwealth budget days shouldn't exist

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Planning and heritage infrastructure is so cooked that my clients look to me for ‘approval’. Hey I’m just the guy you hired to write a report to go with the form that gets included in the application to ask for approval from the Department. Don’t look at me just because the public servants don’t have telephones

Band name: Funk Around And Find Out.

(A 12-piece with 7 guitars)

Who called it reruns of The Muppets and not Glove Song Dedications

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