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If I had to describe the Australian way of life to a foreigner it would be ‘intense aggressive bureaucracy pervading every aspect of life’

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At night
Rave near
The guard’s
Naked with
A blue light

The 'extended family beach holiday in January 1982' vibes here are off the charts. Terry towelling hats everywhere, children slapping each others' sunburn, uncles getting fuzzy on tawny port


I was thinking the other day I don’t listen to a lot of music any more, when did that happen? And then I realised it was when my new phone didn’t have a 3.5mm jack

[walks into a modernist house in Sydney] RICARDOOOO

A tic I have: reading ‘MCM architecture’ (‘mid-century modern’) as M—C—M (money-commodity-money)

I got the volunteer! Organisation! Feelings!

Tired: George Street tram

Wired: Partially separated per-way O-Bahn with frequent service and priority at lights


Aaron Timms absolutely has the addiction to emdashes that I suffer from

I realise in my adventures with the Green Owl that most of my mistakes have to do with the listening elements, and it's suddenly struck me that hmmmm I wonder if my hearing deteriorated between high school and now



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Say one thing for Cats the movie: it is producing a wealth of absolutely spectacular reviews

'Cats’s aesthetics are glossy and appalling, not handmade and flamboyant; it is boring when it should be weird and weird when it should be sincere. It is the extruded plastic from the Disney factory floor, the byproduct of the convulsions of an industry increasingly unsure of how to represent human beings at all...'

One of the under-discussed reasons people lack faith in the development system and assume corruption is because most people experience 'objective' Council assessment process as a baffling ordeal

The answer to 'Why can Council continue to request changes' is 'because'.

By giving myself a Hey Jude ear worm I have truly, and deeply, played myself

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