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If I had to describe the Australian way of life to a foreigner it would be ‘intense aggressive bureaucracy pervading every aspect of life’

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At night
Rave near
The guard’s
Naked with
A blue light


mental health 

Check Steam Games now for Vocational Training And Assessment Validation Audit Simulator 2019

I don't understand the concept of a game called Euro Truck Simulator 2, but apparently it's really good? And people who play it don't really care about trucking?

I read that people don't seem to like a new adaptation of The Name Of The Rose, and to me the notion of people getting angry that an adaptation of Umberto Eco isn't true to the source text is 😗👌

I say as I summarise blocks of text to satisfy an online module

Why is it that training and assessment in training/assessment always involves the worst designed tools and assessment practices (even if they technically comply with all of the criteria)?

Congratulations to Jonathan Franzen, whose novel about his Ukranian grandfather in 1943 has won the Nobel Prize for Literature

This game challenges you to name European cities.

Metafilter's thread has noted that it doesn't seem to include urban centres in Kosovo.


Running a sub 2 hour marathon is mind-blowing. That bloke just ran 42km at a faster pace than I can run one kilometre. Just ludicrous.

Kevin Rudd suing Sharri Markson is what the arse end of 2019 needs


Heritage design is feng shui for white people, send toot

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