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'LOL nothing matters' is the organising principle of our age

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When I look at this I can't not read the sentence as being said by the cat


Spectacular stuff: I am working on a project where the design peer review stage has been given to... the firm who lost to do the actual design work. It's going about as well as you can imagine (several hundred comments requiring response, about why the original proposal wasn't used)


Used fits left in my back lane: the 90s are back baby

:drake_dislike: ‘Put your big boy pants on’

:drake_like: ‘Now gird your loins like a man, I will question you’

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It gets better: God’s response to Job addresses none of the complaints, it’s a variation on ‘look if you think you can do better why don’t you have a go at creating the Earth’

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On one hand, positive thinking and reinforcing helpful habits.

On the other hand, be like Job: ignore your friends, complain about your ills, self-justify your life, and literally tell a physically present God to fuck off

Results from scanning: one or two very good shots, heinous dust, and three double exposures. Old cameras hey

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There's doomscrolling, there's pessimistic international realism, and then there's 'Kissinger Senior Fellows'

'can the United States prevent a war over Taiwan'?

For some reason I have a 'high interest savings' account with my bank that I never use, and which has no money in it. Just had a look at had to laugh

It is the Australian dream to self-represent yourself, and argue the most ludicrous thing, in the most incoherent way, in front of the highest jurisdictional court as you can


'"I run the wheel on the left, that makes the speedo — he said it's not evidence, [but] I said Pythagoras and physics, a small circle spins faster than a big circle, what evidence do I need, it's mathematics," Scylla told the court.'

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Today I am learning about scheduling things on my computer with launchd, and already I'm having feelings about it

Linkedin blog post:

I am passionate about filling in my time sheet and ensuring that I get paid in full and on time

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