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The coyote in the road runner cartoons is a heroic figure; despite failure and grossly illiberal treatment by the dramatic rules of the series (the road runner is bound by no laws) he retains his identity and perseverance. The coyote makes his own decisions and accepts all the consequences, and is in control of his life in a universe hostile to him.

We must imagine the coyote happy.

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Whereof one cannot give it up, therefore, one must turn it loose

(Brown, J.)

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This, relating to a book published > 80 years ago, is evidence of a great sickness of law and regulation

🇺🇸: museums of the people hold crystal flutes once owned by national founders, which are now played as part of the use of the collection, by classically trained pop stars

🇦🇺: where’d ya put the crystal flute mate

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:drake_dislike: Lizzo playing a centuries old crystal flute once owned by James Madison

:drake_like: Lizzo playing a magical flute and ushering in a Masonic age of enlightenment, banishing Hapsburg superstition

'the boy from Compton remained steadfast in his commitment to horizontal electric transportation.

“I think a light rail system is dope,” he told the Canberra Times.'

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In memoriam: when Coolio toured Australia, the Canberra Times interviewed him about the light rail and urban planning

I’m approaching today with the energy of James Brown writing lyrics for ‘Night Train’, saying to hell with this I’m just going to sing a list of place names, that’ll do

war, murder, Irish folk songs 

Ruslan Zinin, today's Arthur McBride

I would add that the car radio feature in the GTA franchise is one of the most important elements in the games that give them credible world-building

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The premise of the soundtrack to Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs (1992) is a faux classic hits radio station that plays Sounds Of The Seventies, to give the whole production a firm sense of retro. The suits and glasses did the same job.

But the more time passes the more we lose that element, because from the standpoint of 2022 those then-distinct periods are so close, and are becoming effectively contemporary to each other, eliding themselves.

This is absolutely not a comment on heritage

Goggomobil owners 🤝 asteroids

'no, not the dart'

NASA: we have successfully hit an asteroid with a dart

Australian space agency: We have put a 600ml coke bottle on a rocket

auspol shitposting 

In the form of a Soviet joke.

A journalist for the Australian goes out hunting for quotes about Peter Dutton, and finally, after endless “no comment”, finds a backbench MP willing to talk. 'But mate, deep background, can't be attributed to this, you need to understand my position here. If anyone knew I said this my career would be done. ...actually I quite like him'

this business will get out of control and we'll be lucky to live through it

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ahahaha I have prepared an outstanding Octobervatar.

Shit pitch: series in the style of 'Real Housewives of' but it's 'Werewolves of London'

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