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At night
Rave near
The guard’s
Naked with
A blue light

When I am in charge, everyone who says 'this is just like Utopia!' gets sacked instantly. You say the words, there's a knock on the door, and a car arrives to take you off to the Lubyanka

Public service Voltron: every time it re-forms, each bit goes in a different place, they all have to reapply for their positions, and 3-5% of the bits are made redundant

I am rereading Grossman’s Life And Fate (banned in the USSR) and one character’s speech in favour of press freedom—that he wanted ‘reports on the strike that has flared up in protest against a factory director who insulted a seventy-year old chemical engineer. You read Churchill and Blum’s actual speeches instead of summaries of what they “alleged”’—reads extremely alarmingly contemporary

I am also having a 'soldering: how hard can it be?' moment

(my memories of last doing it in year 9 are that it's easy to do badly, very very hard to do well)

war, lies 

war, lies 

I am looking at 4x5” negatives in the archives and I’ve decided I need a 4x5” camera

Both of which are separate from the question of people who you wouldn’t trust as far as you can throw them

It is true that turning up is the most important thing.

It’s also true that just showing up is not nearly enough and we spend far too much time arranging the affairs of organisations around to suit the people who do turn up, instead of carrying out strategic activities towards goals

I’ve got the voluntary organisations feelings again

Current mood: reading about the July Crisis, why? No current affairs reason

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At Mittagong Railway Station the waiting room has lots of entertaining books on a shelf

nswpol, auspol 

nswpol, auspol 

Catering for large groups: an under appreciated skill

I am mixing unleaded fuel and two-stroke mixture to refuel the TGIF siren generator. Half an hour until I can half-choke, throttle full, priming pull, then let it rip

I have written to my union (the United Services Union) to ask if they have a policy of support for the Global Climate Strike or if they will endorse their members taking industrial action. Let's find out

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