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‘The question now will be whether voters will accept it being taken away again in six months' time.’

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Bizet’s Carmen: 🎶 L’amour est un oiseau rebelle / que nul ne peut apprivoisier 🎶

Trans: it is a beautiful day in the cigarette factory, and you are a horrible goose

Potentially controversial opinion, there is no such thing as 'e-learning' but only 'learning', and the use of the internet as a tool is not particularly helpful for teaching/training in most cases

Read this you muppets: Disposable People, by Muse al-Gharbi (The Baffler):

'Most of the behaviors described here are not the products of antipathy toward historically marginalized or disadvantaged groups; they are the fruits of bad faith and ambivalence. Yet this is something that can be turned around. It can take just one ordinary person to serve as an exemplar in order for others in a community to follow suit...'

Interregnum? Hell it damn near killed 'im

[In an underground bunker, somewhere in England, June 1940]

'Group captain, we have a new contact, incoming at angels 10'

[a stylish WAAF moves a wooden block on a map]


'oh, but that's just a variant of colcannon, and you don't bake it, you just stir the butter around'. Get out. Baked champ is the best.

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Gee I hope some dodgy real estate property managers get thrown in jail for five years

what's a coronavirus

The other nasty part, just pointed out by a comrade on FB, is that businesses going under subject to liquidation don’t pay first to other business creditors (let alone employees), but to banks and investors. So bad businesses tanking will drag viable ones with them, to the advantage of speculative lenders

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Thank you to @TechnicalKO for reminding me of one of the greatest of prison-themed songs (also look for a very young U2)

What must die—and we all of us must have a part in killing it—is the toxic notion that the getting or not getting of work is in any way related to the jobseeker’s interior discipline and Protestant virtues. It was always a nasty lie but is now an obscenity.

Lead the creature to the paddock, and bring the rifle.

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