Facebook has stopped Australians from sharing or viewing Australian news. Not sure what happen if you're overseas. Google/Alphabet has come to financial arrangements with media companies in Australia. The legislation has bipartisan support in Australia.


Cannot stand compulsive liars! I mean lying over pointless things, epic victim stories, fake education credentials...sigh. then when they get caught in a lie they create another or try to convince you that they never said the first lie and that you misheard. Gah!


This is when I wish the death penalty existed. Just so angry.

Women held as sex slaves, drugged and tattooed as being 'property', Queensland police say

I dislike house inspections (when you rent). They are so stressful. :blob_cat_ohnoes:

So frustrating. I was playing LOTR Online and the world chat had a couple of conspiracy nuts and Internet trolls. Sucked the fun and escapism out of playing a role playing game.

"Don't be afraid, daybreak has come."

My favourite song atm: theme song to the anime Kabanari of the Iron Fortress.

Watch "【Sawano Hiroyuki/Aimer】nZk 005 ninelie LIVE version" on YouTube
【Sawano Hiroyuki/Aimer】nZk 005 ninelie LIVE version: music.youtube.com/watch?v=Dwoh

The picture may lack context. It reminds me of a surrealist alarm clock. Certainly wake you up! 🤣. (Onanistic Typewriter)

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Introduction....drum roll 🙃
I am an aspiring writer of poetry, short stories, flash fiction and an erotic horror novel I am writing.
I love satire & British comedy like Blackadder & Monty Python.
I play online MMORPGs (Guild Wars 2 & LOTR Online).
I have eclectic music taste from goth, alternative, heavy metal, rock, to JPop.
I love anime, such as Sword Art Online, Tokyo Ghoul & Attack on Titan.


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