Hi, I'm Leo, I'm from Hobart Tasmania and I do a lot of things. I'm a developer, workshop host, electronics tinkerer, Linux person, community member. I try to do a bit of everything. Which leads to a very busy life hehe. I joined Mastodon mostly because I wasn't liking Twitter, it wasn't working for me. Curious to see what's on here!

@leofebey Hey mate, I'm in America but loads of my family lives down in Tassie.. Gotta say ever since I was a kid Banjo's always had the best pies around! Anyway I'm new to Mastodon too and figured I'd reach out and say howdy


@erudite_scholar Hello! Yes Banjos make pretty decent pies and are everywhere. We’re quite spoiled in that department.

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@leofebey If they're still open, the Bush Bakery isn't too bad either! They're out in the bush a little bit, but they've got great Caramel Slice and Lamingtons, too.. Can't wait until the borders are open so I can come back for a visit without double quarantines :/

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