Normally I make a lot of electronics or software projects, but today I worked on a woodworking project. I'm making a stand for my projector and entertainment devices in my workshop room. I cut all the bottom half pieces today.

Despite all my noise and sometimes attention on Birdsite, it all ammounts to very little. Mastodon has been a very different dynamic to Birdsite, people actually act like human beings here. Which is pretty nice 🙂

I tried Linux on my ASUS Zenbook S again last night. Same issue, HDMI over USB-C stops working after being unplugged once. Then the port dies, even after reboot. Couldn't find a solution, no useful info in dmesg. So I'm stuck with Windows (Loudly crying face emoji)

Pizza and bandaid 

Pizza on Queens Domain Hobart! They have wood fire ovens. BYO ingredients. Pretty tasty.

My latest YouTube video - About the Raspberry Pi Pico - Demo and code explanation :)

I've now got 500GB of SSD storage connected to my Nextcloud server. It runs on my home server with fast Internet, and a UPS battery backup. Cloud hosting is expensive, but DIY hardware is a bit cheaper in the long run!

I’m taking a break from BirdSite and Facebook. So here is my only outlet 😂 In my time off, I am feeling a bit more sane and refreshed..

I am very seriously considering getting a Fairphone as my next phone. I am sick of seeing *all* phones have glued-on back panels where you can't replace the battery easily. Want to vote with my wallet.

I guess we'll have to wait another year for Terminal and XCode on iPad, won't we? 🤷

Today I re-programmed my night light (it's a little DIY jobbie). I'm living the future my inner-child would have wanted.

The new design for Firefox is lovely! Well done Mozilla.

Natalie Portman spotted in Hobart (where I live). Big news corps report nothing on it. One good reason for celebs to visit Tas, a little bit of privacy.

I think I'm starting to like Kombucha. It could be my new Coke No Sugar. Which means I'll be buying it in bulk for the home drinks fridge.

Went to a talk tonight about decoding satellite images using SDR, at our local radio club. You just need a special antenna, a USB RTL-SDR dongle, and some free software, and you can see satellite photos! (possibly).

I get the vibe this place is very FOSS,*nix,etc friendly. Giving Bunsenlabs a go, setting up a machine to be used entirely for projects. And Mastodon apparently :100_blimey:

This current batch of Sushi is a hit. Cooking: It can be fun and tasty if you try.

I can do moon photos! Fun with my phone's camera pro mode and a tripod.
Phone: Xiaomi Mi 9T
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