Australia will boycott the next olympics unless two-up is an olympic sport

one for @liamvhogan

found this TfL roundel like grille down at the old Nowra Post Office

but what I noticed was the exact same design was used at Scone railway station (which had a former parcels room)

perhaps a link?

when you spend too long on TeX coding and not actually writing the document

Jodi at it again with the bad transport take

super-department model? where did i hear that word before

"You just create a plain text file, in a text editor, with the extension .tex, and then produce an output file that converts your source text, combined with the markup language into a high quality document. You don’t..."

"Billboard Utilising Graffitists Against Unhealthy Promotions, or B.U.G.A.U.P. ("bugger up") is an Australian subvertising artistic movement"

*meanwhile sitting at the new heritage portable office at the dpc*

but what if we, change the c?


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