@Tarale I don’t get this whole thing. I give up. There’s no one here to talk to anyway.

@Tarale I’d like to *not* specifically join a community.

@Posty no you didn’t try to fix that, you were doing something else. The fix to admins being able to see DMs is for DMs not to be visible by admins.

@Posty I have my own servers and host my own email. I don’t get this. Why am I not welcome on a space pushing itself as the Australian space?

@Posty There are a number of (actual working) journalists like Steph Pilbrick, cartoonists like Jon Kudelka and First Dog, others of note, who signed up 8-10 months ago and then bailed. Twitter’s power is that it creates the agenda: news is there before anywhere else. You want people here? News needs to come here. I don’t understand the preciousness of instances, but I will not stay somewhere that doesn’t respect news media and journalists.

@sylmobile both. I can’t stand his voice, he often doesn’t understand the subject matter and says/asks very dumb things, correct him on Twitter and he blocks you, and he has a grating love of puns - thinks he’s hilarious.

@Posty need a lot more people here before they’ll really abandon the bird site. Need the news outlets and journalists to dual post here, and you’ll probably find many of them quickly favour here due to the lack of abuse.

So I was going to watch but there is literally no tv host I hate more than Rowland.

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ICE Raids are expected to start on Sunday in:

- Miami
- Atlanta
- Chicago
- Baltimore
- Denver
- Houston
- Los Angeles
- New Orleans
- New York City,
- San Francisco

If you are in any of these cities, please share this info 📢 #ProtectEachOther #Protejamonos

If you aren't a citizen, and you can, get the fuck out of those cities by tomorrow.

I’m a little scared to ask what gab is

@geordie They do, sometimes, when the action is inexplicable. You can't report a RT.

@n0tj05h Is there anything going on popcorn worthy?

@OaaSvc @geordie There's a definite uptick in activity from last visit. This is almost like old Twitter now, where there's stuff going on but the community is small enough we know each other.

@_skeletonmeat (It probably would qualify as a Columbia study, but it got screwed by universities to something else.)

@_skeletonmeat In every other country, there is. There was a flurry of studies in the 50s, and then it just stopped. A small kick of interest again in the 80s, but then the AES was established and it was like academia said 'that'll do'. I had to build my own (and it was a fucking traumatic experience, I wish I hadn't) because the data I wanted simply did not exist. The Voter Choice Project was to be the first Australian Columbia study - copying a study pioneered at Columbia University in 1940.

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