With great power (piggyback plugs) comes great responsibility (not to put >2400W through them in total). Someone failed this test by putting 8 500W QIs all piggybacked so I’ve made a 20A to 2x10A pigtail to replace it safely (there’s a 20A outlet).

Yesterday I also removed all the piggyback extension cords from the costume workshop here because they plugged a 2400W iron in with a 700W ironing board on 10A piggybacks. Fools! This is why the government wants to ban them! Don’t ruin it for the theatre lighting folks who need them!

@koosli yeah! I’d never seen one. AFAICT it used a fan to hold the clothes down to it with a vacuum or something?


@sophistoche huh. Well, just as with normal ironing boards, I hope never to use one :)

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