Last boost: attention horror aficianadas

Tonight's viewing will be Joe Versus the Volcano (1990)

moon questions 

Why does the moon get first and last quarters, but no half?

PRC test 

Where's the cheese


@fiberarts I'm not really sure what visibility I should set for this group

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This is a test toot for @fiberarts and also just sharing my current project. It's a beanie for a friend who wants something plain, light and breathable. I'm using the most loveliest lace-weight yarn of cashmere, brushtail possum and silk (Zealanda Air). Also featured is my former tissue box project holder...

I'm up to the knitting rows which will be much faster, as a left-hander I knit continental style at a good pace but my purling is slow and awkward.

Better Call Saul s6e3, big spoiler 

Nacho! 😭

Forgot to mention we stumbled upon a Great Dane meet up today! Many large dogs, all very lovely and cute.

Our dog, who is 22kg and relatively tall, was about the size of a four month old Dane.


I have acquired fancy yarn. To make 3x beanies for 3x people in my life. Being friends with me is good. feels 

My main fear about the :birdsite: influx is that people bring their shouty aus politics posting with them. By this I don't mean people talking about their own experiences and organising, I mean the impotent screaming into the void stuff.

Wordplay for killjoys 

No fun intended


Yarn audit!

Good news, I have very little leftover yarn to have to think about.

Also old learner projects, which are worthless objects. Would feel weird to chuck them out but what else am I going to do with them? The yarn isn't worth salvaging either.

*blood-curdling scream* 

*proceeds to make blood cheese*

@futzle they replaced the towels that I very clearly hung up

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If there are any other old #entomologists on here, who would like to connect, share #insect photos (with a CW), and generally chat buggy stuff, let me know.

My interests lie in #EPG (electrical penetration graph) technique and disease acquisition/transmission. Have previously worked in #pollination and #disinfestation technologies for market access.

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Hello, I am Bee! I am a Deaf Victorian, and i love to program, draw, and write!
I am diversifying my accounts so if one instance falls, i have backups communitcation wise and seeing as im australian i thought this would be a cool place!

And other Deaf folk on here?

Waiting for Canberra Coles to open. What has my life become

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