@Andrea today I walked past a suit of armour and thought, Andrea, fancy seeing you here

Anyway I just finished The Left Hand of Darkness, what an excellent book that was

Today I treated myself to a new comic (Chew #10) and a new novel to read next (Terra Nullius). What did I do to deserve this, me? :)

My favourite thing so far today was when the doggo found a dead mouse and picked it up in her mouth 😱

Goodness me the documentary offering on the various streaming services is very hit and miss.

Clearly I'm a bit grumpy and need food and coffee

I can't believe someone invented an electric desk but didn't make it go low enough for a non-tall seated person (let alone a short arse like me)

Argh! While we were at work the 🐶 broke into a drawer and stole all the canine-grade beef jerky and ate it on the beanbag which she is not allowed to be on... A+ my friend 😂

Only a few days left of this excellent campaign. They've managed to lower their goals some, but it still needs a boost. Please consider helping or flinging the link at someone you think might be able to.


Going to a breakcore show tonight and can't decide if that means I'll do more steps or less

Good news everyone, the Laneway festival people cleaned up all the wees.

Laneway festival next door was fine except for people using our car ports as urinals afterwards... I have politely asked for some cleaning let's see what happens...

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