I really should make this my profile description

This is weird. Old meter on a light & power pole, with power outlets

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I have no idea what film is in my K1000. Anyway, I found a battery that fits so it has a working light meter now.

It's agreed, going to watch poorly mixed hardcore bands play in an abandoned hardware store with a bunch of punk kids is fun. Moods lifted all round.

Morning all. Today's plan is more sleep, take Lottie to the vet for a check & get her stitches out, more sleep, company dinner.

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Ok I'm going out to a DIY show, and I'm 41 years old lol

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Where am I going to find the energy to go out tonight? Really feel like powering down like C3PO

Mr Koosli might even have a fighting chance of getting a job in academia after he's done with study. His project is going great and his teaching evaluations are otherworldly good.

Ahh well we'll see.

It would be super nice to have say 6 months of 'sabbatical' where I do what I want, maybe work or volunteer a bit, and just push the ol' reset button.

I knocked back a 2nd offer of tutoring work today, this time being a researchy advisor for MArch student projects. Would've been fun but too much regular work to do. But we talked about maybe doing it next year. I could plan for that.

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