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I'm on a bit of a CJ Cherryh kick at the moment. I read the first two of these over 30 years ago.

@keithstevenson I’ve been generating some Dredds and Andersons with – the iconic depth of the character cuts through the machine learning morass quite powerfully

Nice page from the latest strip in - script: Ken Niemand art: Tom Foster.

Okay ep 2 was better though the 'escape' was unconvincing. Shout out to Jedi Master Kumail Nanjiani.

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Hey Fediverse - the world can be a pretty shitty place sometimes.

One of the few things that was good about Twitter was @asherwolf 's "Best Thing Of The Day" posts.

Talking to Asher, she's encouraged me to take up the practice directly. So I've been following through here and elsewhere.

I encourage you all to also take up the practice either by asking yourself the question "What was the best thing about today?" once a day and posting under or following @bestthingsbot to reflect on the best part of your day. It's only got 73 followers and few replies and I think collectively we can do better.

I realise not every day IS a good day and even posts like "a comfortable bed when I got home" is still fine too. It's LITERALLY the thought that counts here.

It's a simple ""Antidote to dissatisfaction" practice that has real world positive benefits with scientific backing (See Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
- )

I have started doing this yesterday here:

Where I am, the day is just getting started, I'll bump this later tonight.

I know when I first started this, just even contemplating this felt like a smack in the face to my brain, so I'll get it in early so the thoughts there for later tonight.

Or post now if you're global!

Anyone else think episode 1 of Obi-Wan was deathly slow and the dialogue was a bit iffy? Also really struggling to like Leia.

Original Mad Max movie poster from the museum at the Amusu Theatre, Manildra NSW

The Amusu Theatre in Manildra is the oldest still operating cinema in NSW, dating from 1936. We were lucky enough to get a peek inside.

Oh man, that scene at the end of s4e11 of when Marty has the fight with the guy in the traffic jam 😂

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