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If you didn't know it already, America is cooked.
Supreme court voted to overturn Roe v Wade abortion law, leaked draft opinion reportedly shows

(with apols to Messrs Sullivan and Gilbert)

🎶I am the definition of an Internet Monopoly,
I Hoover up your data then I model it’s topology,
I influence your buying and your vote with my psychology,
And if you ever twig, you’ll get my insincere apology!🎵

🎶Each time you search the web I make a note in my big database,
Your photo uploads help me guess your weight and recognize your face.
I’ve information detailing each ad you’ve seen and clicked upon,
I even know the username you use on Ashley Madison!🎵

🎶I track you as you surf the web, with magic cookie pixie dust,
I override your Do Not Track, to silently betray your trust.
I’ve even got the DNA, your sister sent to Ancestry,
Oh yes I am the very model of an Internet Monopoly!🎵

(Something I wrote on the birdsite in 2018, doing the rounds again today)

I've given up on Outer Range halfway through ep3. I feel like I've seen all the plot beats before.

I remember seeing the chilling Quatermass and The Pit movie as a kid on tv. The later John Mills mini-series from 1979 is also worth a look.
Quatermass: The sci-fi series that terrified a generation - BBC Culture

Just so we're clear
✅ renewables
✅ refugee settlement in Australia
✅ women's sexual and reproductive rights
✅ universal basic income
✅ Uluru Statement from The Heart / change the date
⛔️ fossil fuel
⛔️ LGBTIQ discrimination
⛔️ fascists/ alt-right

Hi - I'm a Scottish-born Australian-based science fiction author, sometime editor and publisher. I toot about and related and and anything vaguely related as well as and - and sometimes scream into the void that is Australian politics. Nice to be here.

Dimension6 is out now with sci-fi and fantasy from Mark T Barnes, Ephiny Gale and David Coleman

lucky dip - could be politics - could be something else 

Hey marketing department at - is everything ok with you, do you need to talk to someone

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