episode 2 was pretty good too. Feels very different from other Star Wars stuff.

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The print version of Horizon: an SF thriller is off to the printers.
Out 1 November 2022

As Horizon edges towards print publication, I'm sharing some of the history of the book and production decisions happening right now.

I feel I'm at the 'f*** you all' stage of my employment journey.

The trailer for Andor looks like they're (hopefully) trying hard to expand the universe past what's gone before. And the casting is jammed with talent.

Our new oven needs more than the 20 amp circuit in our house. Apparently we need to invent and install an arc reactor to power it.

#auspol - Scott Morrison doing his utmost to ensure the LNP remains in opposition for the next 2 decades 

@scandrof striving for relevance the best he can come up with is this already tired schtick.

@reddishraven pixel phone pics don't count against your storage limit 😉

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