Just finished Horizon by @keithstevenson - and it was a really good read. It had me hooked from the start. It's a believable and well written look at a possible future for humanity, that takes into account both our worst tendencies as well as our best. I loved the political machinations and real human drama as well as the fantastic sci-fi elements. Definitely worth a read if you like grounded sci-fi and solid world-building.

@keithstevenson keep up the good work, I'm looking forward to your next one!


@screenbeard thank you very much! I really appreciate it 😁
I've just finished a space opera trilogy. Just on a publisher hunt right now. So fingers crossed.

@keithstevenson when I saw your name on aus.social a while ago I wondered why it was so familiar. I thought maybe I'd heard of you before or already had one of your books on my wish list, but after some digging I couldn't figure out why I knew your name.

It finally dawned on me while I was reading your novel that it's the name of a park near my house!

But the fact you're on aus.social and that your blurb intrigued me got me to check it out, and I'm glad I did.

@screenbeard I'm glad you did too. And I'm grateful to Keith Stephenson, whoever the hell he was 😉

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