@keithstevenson I really hated this book. Then I read the sequel which made me hate it even more (they get into the alien society and it explicitly contradicts established alien behaviour in book one). So when I read the third book, which hopefully tries to wrap it all up…? sigh. I dunno why I do this to myself.

@Cacotopos the whole alien society thing lacked internal logic. Thank god I'm not alone! 👍

@Cacotopos I appreciate you punishing yourself so I don't have to 😂

@keithstevenson in book 2 a critical point is that the aliens cannot understand the concept of deception (because of the whole transparent/communication by light thing), lying is biologically alien/impossible to them, and they cannot conceive of the notion of deception in any way. Square that with the entire plot of book 1.

@keithstevenson made me so angry. “Let’s fake the background radiation of the universe so their scientists will kill themselves thus weakening their society mwahahahaha, also, I cannot conceive of the ability to deceive another living creature”

@Cacotopos Yep, I mean good luck to him and it's great he's had success. But no way did 3 Body live up to the hype. I just don't get how people rave about it.

@keithstevenson I begrudge no one success, but I personally didn’t see what the big deal was. I would love to have someone explain what they loved about it.

@Cacotopos assuming they read it and weren't just regurgitating the hype 😉

@tfardet darn it. Link returns an error. If you have a correct link of be interested. Thanks.

@keithstevenson @tfardet The link works for me, that might be because it's a follower-only post ?
Our discussion started because I was talking about The Wandering Earth, have you also read it ?

@StrepsipZerg @tfardet no I haven't read that one. I see it's a short story. I probably won't read another Liu novel on the basis of my experience with 3 Body. Are his short stories better in terms of overall writing?


I felt this way about Black Leopard, Red Wolf. It's admirable in some respects, but it's clearly a fantasy novel written by somebody who thinks the genre is defined entirely by George R.R. Martin.

@Dseitz I noticed a lot of shadows of other writers in 3 Body too, but then it's not unusual for a writer's influences to come out in their work. But the better ones take those influences, shape them and make them their own.

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