I don't really understand how rising prices and wage stagnation means interest rates need to rise so everything costs more.

@keithstevenson make borrowers poorer ~> less demand ~> lower prices

or something like that 🤷

on the flip side, hope my saving account get more then 2/5 of fuck all interest... 2.1/5 of fuck all.

@keithstevenson The basic idea is to make it hard to meet inflated prices. If money costs more to borrow, there's less of it in circulation and prices have to come down to meet the reduced money supply.

Whether this will actually WORK in the 21st century...I dunno. There's just a LOT of money out there.

@keithstevenson Glad to help! Not an economist, just read too much about it. 😂​

@Dseitz I was pretty much a C student in maths. Numbers leave me cold. 😀

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