Hi - I'm a Scottish-born Australian-based science fiction author, sometime editor and publisher. I toot about and related and and anything vaguely related as well as and - and sometimes scream into the void that is Australian politics. Nice to be here.

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@keithstevenson welcome! :D

Look forward to learning more. I wish I had more time for reading, but my method is largely podcasts or using the local library app for audiobooks while commuting. I just started "bullshit jobs" by david graeber just before I got covid. now I've mostly recovered i should start that back up again.

@Posty Thanks! Maybe I'll finagle an audiobook one of these days 😀

@keithstevenson yeah, it's excellent for accessibility too :) look forward to it!

It can be a mixed bag though, sometimes celebrities read the book, sometimes the author, sometimes a random person.

I more often than not prefer the author because that also conveys the intention of how the interpretation of delivery is carried across.

But some authors absolutely can't perform and will drive you mad, it's an art! :)

@Posty @keithstevenson I just recently grabbed the new-ish Lord of the Rings trilogy audio as read by Andy Serkis and holy hell that guy is amazing.

@keithstevenson @Posty since he’s a great voice actor and OG Gollum, having him read all the unabridged gollum lines in movie gollum voice was additional icing on the wündercake.

Yo. Welcome. Are you gonna vote for the Fusion Party in your electorate? Please have a look at them and I hope you do chuck them your vote.
(Also you could join the party for free....)

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