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Just so we're clear
✅ renewables
✅ refugee settlement in Australia
✅ women's sexual and reproductive rights
✅ universal basic income
✅ Uluru Statement from The Heart / change the date
⛔️ fossil fuel
⛔️ LGBTIQ discrimination
⛔️ fascists/ alt-right

i read a thing recently that blew my mind a little.
went something like:

people can imagine time travel to the past and one little act making massive differences in the timeline

but in their present they think even the greatest effort they can put in will not make any difference to the future

I started writing the first #SpaceTalkTuesday thread about planetary habitability, but quickly realized you all need some background on how we *find* planets first!

So sorry to everyone who voted for habitability, but we’re doing HOW TO FIND AN EXOPLANET 🔭 today!

I promise this will make the habitability thread next week make even more sense (1/)

Here it is. The first picture of the Milky Way's .

Incredible that we can do this.


🧬Time for some #CatScience!🧬

Siamese #Cats are born white and gain their colour through their life!

It’s based on.. wait for it TEMPERATURE 🥶 ❄️

Siamese cats are temperature dependent albinos! A.K.A a live kitty heat map!

A thread featuring my cats🧵 👇🏽


Oh, yes please.
Christopher Walken to Play Emperor Shaddam IV in ‘Dune: Part Two’ – The Hollywood Reporter

I'm at that stage where I'm fully in love with my work in progress, discovering the world and people I'm writing about.
And fully aware of the inevitable disillusionment that will set in at some point 😉.

Just realised I haven't watched the final episode of Picard yet, and I don't really care.

BREAKING from the World Meteorological Organization There is now a 50% probability that at least one of the next 5 years will temporarily reach the Paris Agreement threshold of 1.5°C. In 2015 this chance was estimated to be zero.Our house is truly on fire. #ClimateEmergency

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technocratic elitism, military-industrial complex 

It’s one of those irregular nouns.

She is a technocratic elitist, you are a sophisticated thought leader, we are changing the world for the better, I am the last great free-thinking moral philosopher.

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Enjoyed the hell out of Dr Strange tonight. Though the third eye is a bit disconcerting.


That makes FOUR Scottish Doctors now... we're coming for the record, England. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿👽⌛️ #DoctorWho



#kakapo Guapo making a quick getaway after a health check on Whenua Hou during the week. He’d had a fight, but his injuries are healing well. #kakapo2022 #conservation #parrots


Today is , the day when music fans' inboxes fill up...

I buy a lot on Bandcamp. You can find my collection here:

My music is mostly on Bandcamp too.

Solo (cello, looping, laptop stuff):

Tangents (post-, many-genred, -tronic, released by Temporary Residence Ltd):

FourPlay String Quartet (perhaps at this stage venerable? Non-classical. Next release will be a full album with Neil Gaiman Himself):

Memory Drawings (hammered dulcimer-led postrock that I've accidentally become a member of):

There'd be more but that'll do?

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