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Just so we're clear
✅ renewables
✅ refugee settlement in Australia
✅ women's sexual and reproductive rights
✅ universal basic income
✅ Uluru Statement from The Heart / change the date
⛔️ fossil fuel
⛔️ LGBTIQ discrimination
⛔️ fascists/ alt-right

The trailer for Andor looks like they're (hopefully) trying hard to expand the universe past what's gone before. And the casting is jammed with talent.

Our new oven needs more than the 20 amp circuit in our house. Apparently we need to invent and install an arc reactor to power it.

When the George Reeves-fronted “Adventures of Superman” TV show was finally canceled in 1958, the producers were understandably reluctant to let the property, which had been a huge hit in its early years, go entirely. So they started looking for ways to repackage it.

What they came up with was a pilot called “The Adventures of Superpup,” set in a world populated entirely by talking dogs. All the familiar Superman characters were transposed into the setting; Clark Kent, for instance, became “Bark Bent.” And they were all portrayed by dwarf actors wearing human clothes with giant dog heads.


Shockingly, nobody was interested in taking this pilot to series — perhaps because what images remain of it make for some pretty high-octane nightmare fuel.

Couple of recent work interactions have followed the pattern -
Them: Is 3 an even number?
Me: No.
Them: Can we meet to unpack that answer?

Never ask me to 'unpack' the bleeding obvious.

Performance-based pay for teachers. Welcome to the 1990s.
Fun fact: If you pay a decent wage and give good training and development support, you get good performance.

Friends cancelled for lunch so we just ate enough pork crackling for 4 people.
Living my best life.

Interesting article about how you design robust electronic systems. Also, who can resist an article about the Voyagers?

How Is Voyager Still Talking After All These Years? | Hackaday

Just finished Horizon by @keithstevenson - and it was a really good read. It had me hooked from the start. It's a believable and well written look at a possible future for humanity, that takes into account both our worst tendencies as well as our best. I loved the political machinations and real human drama as well as the fantastic sci-fi elements. Definitely worth a read if you like grounded sci-fi and solid world-building.

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