Weird how many people have blocked me just for disagreeing with them, even slightly. I'm not rude, but poof! They're gone. Seems an OTT reaction.

@kauer unless you are paying people to listen they might not care about what you have to say. there’s enough people on the internet that you can block everyone you don’t enjoy the company of, and still have a good time online.

I wouldn’t take it personally, unless youre disagreeing on stuff like “I think x group doesn’t deserve rights” :P

@tetromino Oh, I don't take it personally. It reflects poorly on them, not me. Making statements then blocking anyone who tries to discuss it seems... weak.

@tetromino And no, it's not about anyone's rights :-)

@harrym One was about whether "and" was better than "&" in C++! Another was in hindsight a possible misunderstanding on my part, but I still didn't say anything that IMHO warranted blocking.

Seems to me that when people make public statements, comments are inevitable.

@kauer ok that seems like an over reaction in that case lol

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