Also I am trying to reduce the number of sites that I use Google Authenticator app with. If you ever swap phones it’s a hassle to access your account again.

@darnell you can export to one or more qr codes (Settings > Transfer accounts) and directly scan them into your new phone. You aren't allowed to screenshot them for later which is irritating but I guess makes sense. But if you don't have both phones then yes it is a hassle.

Authy solves this, but I like the simplicity of Google Authenticator.

@kauer Yeah, ran into the issue when I upgraded to a new iPhone. Most sites simply sent me an SMS so logging in was not a hassle. A few critical sites did not have this option so I had to call tech support multiple times. It is frustrating sometimes, but it was a painful lesson for me to learn.


@darnell I save all the secrets (or if not available the actual qr codes) in an encrypted wallet as a worst-case backup...

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