It’s the weekend, it’s not windy. Off to Bunnings for a spot of facial recognition. I’m hoping my many faces while squinting at plant labels can be used to train emotional AI. “Grumpy face” “Puzzled face” “Oh no this always dies on me face”. Have a lovely Saturday, Australians.

Chuckling at the what the UK calls heatwave temperature (seriously, a woman with an icebrick on her head at 28 deg) and then realising I’m beside myself because it’s 12 deg and this cold is unendurable, and I’ll be at my desk with a lap blanket.

@ccohanlon from his Utopia of Rules: "(...) the ultimate, hidden truth of the world is that it is something that we make, and could just as easily make differently."

“Everyday we wake up and collectively make a world together; but which one of us, left to our own devices, would ever decide they wanted to make a world like this one?”

– David Graeber

[from Bullshit Jobs: A Theory, 2018]


This is a new word for me. The thing where specific things taste terrible all of a sudden. Like, poison level terrible. Unfortunately it applies to both coffee and tea in my case so HEADACHE. I’d love to know from anyone if it really does just clear up. I had it while pregnant and also during chemo so it’s familiar in an unpleasant way. This time I’m guessing the dental emergency has triggered it.

Auspol: the longest wait (Gilmore) 

I want a word for the urge to send a hamper of luxury treats to the AEC for holding their ground.

Replace every article about Elon Musk with an article about someone fixing/maintaining important infrastructure. A person repairing buses. A person repairing and tweaking wheelchairs. A person tending to a community garden.

RIP Julee Cruise 

I just heard about Julee Cruise and now I’m listening to her beautiful album Floating into the Night. Twitter is full of people who loved her, and I guess the world too is full of us turning to each other and saying, wait, that Twin Peaks song? So many memories.

People dealing with cancer 

Poet Audre Lorde wrote of her first diagnosis: “None of us have 300 years. The terror that I conquered in those three weeks left me with a determination and freedom to speak as I needed, and to enjoy and live my life as I needed to for my own meaning." This has come back to me today, as two families are thrown into it.

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People dealing with cancer 

It’s been a week. Two people I care about have been significantly affected by big out-of-the-blue cancer, and are facing very aggressive treatment. As a cancer patient myself I know how hard this shock hits families and friends. It’s chaos. I’m just feeling for them, and realising how poorly we understand the value of our mortality.

Family stuff, kids and school 

And truly, being trans and dealing with year 11 and having been online for 2 years — it’s a lot for someone who struggles to manage time. So, off to TAFE to learn new stuff.

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Family stuff, kids and school 

I have three children. I work in higher education. As of this week, two left school at sixteen. I must give off some kind of anti-pheromone that says “run from schooling! run!” But the confidence to choose your own adventure is something that will always stand up. So, proud mum.


Toothache. I have secured an emergency appointment in three hours. The pain is extraordinary and everyone is saying root canal and not making eye contact. I am thinking calm thoughts.

Today was the day I accidentally childlocked the microwave by jabbing tiredly at the wrong button and it has used my last thinking part to undo this hex.

Today’s , getting up in the 3am dark with my eldest who normally lives in Canberra, to get her to the train station for an early flight. We had coffee together and she made the 3.40am train, and now she’s in Queensland at the AIATSIS summit. I caught sight of her big hair in an audience photo on Twitter, and really the best thing is her.

Auspol, those last results 

Plot twist in Gilmore: ALP now ahead by 142 votes. This is really one for electoral nerds.

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So my teen came out of his bedroom and did yard work. He hacked and pulled and unwound and dug up and cut back, and the result was huge. Afterwards I taught him winter pruning of lavender and salvias the way my mum taught me: get up close, see the new growth, cut just above it. Watching him lose track of time was today’s .

Auspol, those last results 

So now I’m burrowing in booth results in my electorate, Cunningham. We’re a safe ALP seat but that’s not quite how it plays out at booth level. We had slightly over a 6% swing to Green that was really divided north-south. I love seeing results that come in ones and twos and tens and small hundreds. That’s all of us, showing up, having a think.

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Auspol, those last results 

The gap in Gilmore is 214 votes.

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Today’s was a quiet half hour weeding at the front of the house, listening to the little girl opposite playing with her mum. My kids were little in this street too. Thinking about this comes with gratitude to @Posty for suggesting it. @bestthingsbot

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