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This morning's project setting up: in a Fedora-32 based VM in Qubes.

My Covid test came back negative yay


I’m going for my first Covid test this morning at 8.30 with my youngest & wife. Pretty nervous not about the result just the test.

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Anyone own a Hak5 WiFi Pineapple? Specifically the Tetra?

I'm trying to help out more with open source stuff - GitHub etc. Specifically QubesOS stuff.

I got a dirty secret 

I have the covidsafe app installed 🤣

I'm looking for privacy-aware VPS that accepts Bitcoin, without doing a ddg search. Come at me.

Mind blown, there's a forum for QubesOS users that isn't run on Google.

I signed up for Github. I can barely code. haha

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I've been working on improving the UX of with @pamdrouin and the changes are now live.

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Sad day for the open web: If you are part of the #MozillaLifeboat contact us! We're constantly looking for developers passionate about #privacy and #opensource to improve our completely Google-free email service! Let's continue building a better web. 💪🙌

Oldest kiddo home, now to get the youngest then chaos begins!

And that's probably enough toots for the day for me :P

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