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This is a must for people who won't stop sending you Tw*tter URLs (Android): - Install using F-Droid.

This morning's project setting up: in a Fedora-32 based VM in Qubes.

@Posty they took $260 in one day. I have no idea why so much. I know I had money owing, but I was in touch via support tickets asking for a freeze on the debits.

@bestthingsbot chilling out the back of our house not doing much besides watching our young ones play.

@art have you ever tried Rufus for windows 10?

My Covid test came back negative yay


I’m going for my first Covid test this morning at 8.30 with my youngest & wife. Pretty nervous not about the result just the test.

Nextcloud replacement 

@matt have you looked at owncloud ?

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Anyone own a Hak5 WiFi Pineapple? Specifically the Tetra?

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