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Here goes,
I'm 35, married for 7 years with two young boys. I live in Brisbane QLD. Currently unemployed due to covid. I have been a GNU/Linux user since 1999 when I started attending HUMBUG at UQ. Since then I've made friends in infosec. Learnt a lot about security, privacy & anonymity. I'm a geek. I also like chess, all the star wars movies, and I believe everyone has a right to an opinon and be heard. My mother is a lesbian and I'm proud of who she is. That's all for now.

Wife is complaining ChatSecure is "glitchy af" so i'm recommending she try IM+

Playing with Keyoxide, for someone who always uses gpg4usb & Kleopatra the documentation is very helping use the command line.

I just setup the wifey with a Jabber account on Snopyta.

Officially cancelled my old Mastodon instance..

HI all if you followed me on my own mastodon instance - well I'm back on due to my server going offline probably permanently now.

I purchased $30USD worth of stickers for my ThinkPad x230 last night. Will update when they arrive.

I decided to try VentraIP whilst using Mullvad VPN at the same time, let's say it's not been easy so far. They flagged the transaction and didn't even take funds.

Something to think about, I was literally about to purchase a domain name on Namecheap. Some company is cyber-squatting the domain I checked was available a few days earlier. Namecheap Domain name searches are not private....Others can see them.

I purchased a Pixel 4 recently. I moved back from iOS to Android. After remembering GrapheneOS. I checked and they support pixel4 "flame" so what did I do like any decent geek, I flashed that GrapheneOS over stock Google Pixel ROM. I don't like Google listening.....hehe

It was online for a month, earned a bunch of "Flags" and helped the Tor network, but sadly it's now offline for good.

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As of yesterday "DeleteYou" has gone offline permanently.

This is a must for people who won't stop sending you Tw*tter URLs (Android): - Install using F-Droid.

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