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Here goes,
I'm 35, married for 7 years with two young boys. I live in Brisbane QLD. Currently unemployed due to covid. I have been a GNU/Linux user since 1999 when I started attending HUMBUG at UQ. Since then I've made friends in infosec. Learnt a lot about security, privacy & anonymity. I'm a geek. I also like chess, all the star wars movies, and I believe everyone has a right to an opinon and be heard. My mother is a lesbian and I'm proud of who she is. That's all for now.

My new Beryl VPN router is setup and working good.

Just like that. We have two new members of this family. Peppa & Blaze. Guinea pigs.

Wait is Monero banned in Australia... hmmm bwahhahahahahh

I also donated this evening towards the awesome Lemmy. Reddit alternative using Monero.

Hey @shlee did a small donation this evening via patreon. I hope it helps with server costs

I’m getting the Covid Jab on the 7th of next month at 7.10am at my local GP.

Pssst Pinephone is up for preorder again...

Damn governments around the world banning vape Nic salts and nicotine from being in the post.. they want us all to die from cigarettes...💁

I stayed off work today after the happenings on the weekend. Just to make sure my wife is ok.

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