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Here goes,
I'm 35, married for 7 years with two young boys. I live in Brisbane QLD. Currently unemployed due to covid. I have been a GNU/Linux user since 1999 when I started attending HUMBUG at UQ. Since then I've made friends in infosec. Learnt a lot about security, privacy & anonymity. I'm a geek. I also like chess, all the star wars movies, and I believe everyone has a right to an opinon and be heard. My mother is a lesbian and I'm proud of who she is. That's all for now.

Today I’m not doing much besides a GP Telehealth appointment.. both kids out for the day at school & kindy now.

Usually I’m not worried but this person pointing looked very rough and undesirable..

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I went to the local shops this afternoon to buy dinner for the kids and us. For some reason when I was walking through the park I had someone pointing right at me. I felt quite scared and intimidated..

Just had Jim’s mowing do our lawns and some weed spraying... took them 1 hour in total..

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Oldest kiddo is home just got to pickup the youngest one soon.

Went for a walk for 30 minutes feeling pretty good. Also went and had a coffee with a friend.

I’m trying to lose weight by walking and changing my eating..

It’s cold here outside. Inside we have the aircon on heat mode.

I'm switching back to Pod style vaping as opposed to using a Mod on a suggestion from my wife. I admittedly don't understand why using a Mod/tank is not working for me but I know this is just temporary.

Drinking a lot more water and went for a walk this morning. Feeling good.

C'mon kids just go to school and kindy already.

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