I have sent my last editorial cartoon to The Australian tonight. Will be doing Saturday’s business cartoon for the oz tomorrow which is a little anticlimactic but will be drawing for the Saturday paper starting next week which will be fun.

@jonkudelka Sweet that you will be at the Saturday Paper, really happy that you moved on from the OZ, look forward for more of your good work

@jonkudelka far out I am gonna have to subscribe and get it delivered instead of walking one block to the shops for it on Saturdays. I’ve been enjoying the game of chance - will they be sold out before I get there? will the bakery have any croissants left to go with my reading? - but between your cartoons, Maxine’s poems, and Rick’s writing, I don’t think I can afford to risk it anymore.

@jonkudelka congrats. over your Australian career - are there any rejected cartoons that you think shouldn’t have been that you can talk about?
My impression of your content was you seemed to have pretty much free reign :)

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