@jonkudelka needs fleshing out obviously but it does explain a few things.

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It’s my theory that Alexander Downer is an immortal being who has been trolling humanity for a bit of a laugh since early Sumerian civilisation.

I have sent my last editorial cartoon to The Australian tonight. Will be doing Saturday’s business cartoon for the oz tomorrow which is a little anticlimactic but will be drawing for the Saturday paper starting next week which will be fun.

How is it here for bad Melbourne Cup takes? It absolute carnage in the other place.

Two months’ notice is a very long time during the two months just saying.

I have decided this website is primarily for modestly not mentioning the Walkley nomination

Painted the wall.
Installed lights.
Screwed hanging system to wall.
Put painting on wall.
Nothing has fallen off yet.

We ran out of whisky so I had some rum and I’m not sure if this is off or on brand.

I am here now. Aus.social’s first legitimate national treasure.


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