Well, my for my keyboard arrived: zsa.io/moonlander/platform/

Its weight (due to being almost entirely metal) and its the rubber feet are very effective at keeping this in place: it doesn't slip around like my bare Moonlander would

No more needing double-sided tape or blue-tac

It's very sturdy and configurable, and it's quite easy to get repeat the same angle on both sides, which I find very hard to do with the thumb cluster angles on a bare Moonlander

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We heard a noise, looked over, and Beanie had made himself completely comfortable on Kristina's jeans.

This weekend, I learned just enough new to finish a major rework I've been thinking about for a while

I even felt proud enough to put together a presentation: docs.google.com/presentation/d

Haha, this poor technician character on has to recreate a C/C++ project from photographic memory at gun point

I can't do manual memory management at the best of times, let alone under duress :)

It looks like they're using , but I can't identify the code editor (but it looks like a terminal one like `emacs` and `vim`)

Huh, in the universe, the NSA has an Echelon system that scans every conversation on planet earth looking for specific keywords

It's amusing and chilling just how much of this show (2001-2006) has been demonstrated to be true by whistleblowers Manning (2010) and Snowden (2013)

The show does end up being pro-USA-intelligence, but characters do occasionally question the jurisdiction and unconstitutional powers at play here

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OH: “… when we started working on the data ingest pipeline, we found out he’d been keeping all his lab data in PowerPoint.”


“Years of it.”

“… I don’t even know what you do for a living, it hurt to be standing next to you when you said that.”

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One of the great unsolved digital preservation problems: migrating laptop stickers from one machine to another.

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"rust is the vegan crossfit of programming"

-- TJ DeVries

Today's project is up :)

I built this plugin ( gitlab.com/jokeyrhyme/pop-laun ) so that I could see controls in results that come back from `pop-launcher` ( github.com/pop-os/launcher )

I'm using `onagre` ( github.com/oknozor/onagre ) to query/display/action those results

> This is where the supply chain metaphor — and it is just that, a metaphor — breaks down. If a microchip vendor enters an agreement and fails to uphold it, the vendor’s customers have recourse. If an open source maintainer leaves a project unmaintained for whatever reason, that’s not the maintainer’s fault, and the companies that relied on their work are the ones who get to solve their problems in the future. Using the term “supply chain” here dehumanizes the labor involved in developing and maintaining software as a hobby.

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Today is a very special day! It’s Trans Day of Inexplicable Cosmic Power!

On this day, glaring at assholes who misgender you will beam into them a mysterious energy. When released this near-instantly accelerates them to escape velocity on an intercept trajectory with the sun!
Please be mindful of structural supports nearby and encourage transphobes to step outside before activating the Yeet Ray.

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I think IKEA is telling me I'm about to make a terrible mistake because I don't know anyone with an ear pencil.

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Google: Hello, for reasons we won't explain you can no longer submit updates to your app to the Playstore until you make changes to it we won't specify. We will send you the same mail again if you appeal but have fun trying regardless.
Also Google, a few days later: We feel like we haven't wasted enough of your time yet, please answer these questions about your recent app suspension, did you think it was as funny as we did?

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if anyone on here ever invents a programming language and gives it a single letter name, I'm gonna come over to your house and I'm gonna kick you in the ass

I put some masking tape over the LED screen on our oven, and it is astonishing just how much less light hits the bedroom door at night now

Why aren't ambient light sensors in every device yet? Annoying that simple auto-brightness isn't baseline

Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle at work: you can't ask me about how excited I am about my current assignments, not without lowering my excitement about my current assignments

Heh, I watched another episode of over lunch
In this one, they have to clone 2x stolen 3.5" floppy disks in under 90 seconds so they can put them back without anyone noticing, hilarious
So much tension as the CIA agents are rushing the technicians, haha

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reminder that the NaN != NaN thing often cited as a funny idiosyncrasy in languages people don't like (PHP, JavaScript, and Ruby to name a few common victims) is actually mandated by the IEEE floating point spec, and for good reason

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an "immersive coffee experience" sounds like something that will end in a trip to the emergency room

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