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whoa, ok. Cabal's take on distributed admin actions is really cool:

1. anyone can do admin actions that affect _them_
2. you can decide that you trust someone's judgment and subscribe to their admin "decisions"


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2011: cryptocurrency allows you to Be Your Own Bank

2021: cryptocurrency allows you to Be Your Own banksy

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EU coalition urges EU to push back against gate keeping by Microsoft, files official complaint

“In a repeat from earlier monopolistic actions, Microsoft is bundling its OneDrive, Teams and other services with Windows and aggressively pushing consumers to sign up and hand over their data to Microsoft.”

Just like they did with browsers years ago. They lost that approach. Let’s hope Microsoft fails again.

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Me, Friday: after weeks of work, and several visits from our AV techs, every meeting room has Zoom working as intended and I can finally tell everyone to go ahead and book any room they want.

Networks, Friday: Let's move all of Melbourne's Zoom room computers to a new OU with an untested set of policies.

Me, Monday: :ohno:

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The government gave this guy’s father 14 years penal transportation for receiving stolen goods and then when John committed the same crime receiving stolen Wurundjeri land they gave him a plaque.

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the appeal of bitcoin (and other ponzis) is essentially "you too can profit off the backs of poor people, just like jeff bezos"

how the fuck have american hypercapitalists managed to convince so many people that this is their goal/future

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Make racists afraid. Don't let people feel comfortable in their bigotry. Use the power of social stigma and disapproval to make it weird and uncomfortable to be racist.

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Population growth is not the cause of resource depletion, it’s over-consumption by wealthy societies. Every year we waste 30% of natural resources.

Scientists' warning against the society of waste

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Online security veteran? Check out our advanced guides to enhance your surveillance self-defense skill set.

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ever think about how weird it is we use one script (lowercase) for most text, but then another (uppercase) for the first letters of sentences & some words? these were originally two entirely separate modes of writing: one was for writing on parchment, another for engraving on stone. it's as if you wrote arabic in naskh but started every sentence in kufic

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Supporting Me With Cryptocurrency

You can support me with cryptocurrency by completely divesting yourself of it and not investing in it again until and unless dramatic improvements are made in its stability, energy consumption, and fairness.

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This is... a remarkably concise summary of why most crypto projects are bullshit:

One of many things that continues to boggle my mind is that investors are shoveling millions and millions of dollars into "decentralized finance" projects which can't process more than a dozen transactions per second, when existing financial systems *at a single company* execute literally millions of trades per second at a tiny fraction of the cost. How are DeFi exchanges going to compete?

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A friend came across this and recommended it, so I picked up some tonight, and dang is it good!

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I'm gonna catch some heat for this one, but so be it.
Ending Software Patents is an important issue, but most don't realize it. A reminder before you read, that Patents, Licenses, and Copyrights, are different things.

#EndSoftwarePatents #Software #FreedomofInformation #FSF

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Australia, gulags 

Definitely nothing for a federal ICAC to look at here, just a bunch of people doing a really competent job.

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Inside Microsoft Edge lurks a hidden gem, inspired by the classic game SkiFree, this endless surf game is accessible by typing " edge://surf " into the address bar. But if you're on Linux you'll get a special character playable only to Linux users, Tux!!

#Browsers #Microsoft #EdgeBrowser #MicrosoftEdge #Tux

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So here’s the interesting thing: we now know more about how Trump’s upcoming social network works than we do about Facebook, et al.

Of course, it doesn’t mean the source they publish is the code that’s running on their servers. (And, c’mon, this is motherfucking Trump we’re talking about here…) To ensure that you’d need independent audits. In fact, I don’t now how you could ensure compliance with AGPL without ongoing independent audits…



So, today, I published 2x new MIT-licensed crates: [owasp-headers]( and [tower-default-headers](

They may be used separately, but you can also combine them if you want to include OWASP's set of headers in the default set of headers for your HTTP server

I'm still fairly new to web services and `Future`s in Rust, so I'm sure there's room for improvement

Give these crates a spin and let me know how you go :)

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