Work requires a doctors cert for sick days, which is ok, but getting an appointment within a week even just for a cert is close to impossible.

Guess who else is now sick 🤒 and just in time for the weekend.

3 of the 5 employees present at the office this morning are sick. 1 person away sick & me developing a cough leading into the weekend (wonder where I got it from 🤔). Not happy at all, someone’s definitely hearing about this.

People who can’t view .heic files give me the poops.

One good thing about the pandemic at its height was that it caused hesitancy in coming to work while sick. We now have a couple of people at the with the flu and one other who’s started showing symptoms. I WONDER WHERE THEY CAUGHT IT FROM!?? ITS A MYSTERY!

“The new generation is a bit precious” says coworker who is currently at the office with the flu. Yeah mate, I ain’t paid to be sick and if I am I’m not going to be here spreading it.

Bad taste joke 

They’re calling it a day of mourning. Yeah, but only till the PM, then it’s afternoon.

I think I know what the most requested annual leave day is going to be in September. Just put my request in ✌️

Listening to country people complain about city people is the most out-of-touch listening experience in desperate need of introspection.

Watched yesterday and really enjoyed it. Felt like a truely worthy sequel within the series, which is saying something considering some of the other less-than-great Predator entries.

I don’t know if this is new with iOS 16 but it’s kind of an interesting inclusion. People using iMessage can see when you’re selecting a GIF.

So damn keen for the Captaincy update tomorrow. I’m lucky enough that I scheduled leave and after they delayed the update it will now drop on my days off 😁

Middle of my annual leave and had to wake up early for a work training course that I forgot about :blobcatsweats: also happens to be the night I stayed up late so I’m running on 3hrs sleep :blobcatsleep: :ablobcattrash:

I’ve never heard as much auto-tune as I have now that someone’s been listening to country music radio at the office.

“Time is a measure of things getting less organised” definitely seems to apply to my life.

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Yikes, looks like onlyfans spam bots have found Mastodon

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Jon Kudelka in today’s Saturday Paper. I’m done with bickering. I just want shit fixed. Jon says it more eloquently than me, that’s all.

Jurassic World: Dominion thread I posted whilst watching the movie.

Bit over 30 minutes into JW: Dominion and the OG cast are definitely the pillars of this movie so far.
I feel like the writer(s) for JW: D binged Mission Impossible and were like “Cool movies, needs more dinosaurs!”
I’m no expert, but going by films I can only assume all people switch at thir-TEEN. From kids to angsty assholes, or as films call them; teenagers. True?
It might sound like I’m dunking on this movie but it has a lot of cool stuff too. The Quetz sequence 🤩
FORGET THE HAT??! Dr Allen Grant leaves no hat behind!!
I want to know more about Ian Malcolm’s dog. Did it ever stop humping? Did he have to give it away to someone with stronger shins? We need answers!
“You made a promise… to a dinosaur.” OG JP crew would be great at Cinema Sins.
Claire remains the most badass of the JW cast.
This week in “bad guy gets stuck in a hopeless situation to get their comeuppance.”
All done. Final verdict; pretty good movie. You’ll fill in most of your “movie clichés” bingo card in the first half (and some in the latter half). For the most part it’s a good addition to the Jurassic ______ franchise.

Finally got around to writing a somewhat decent bio :blobcatgoogly2: :blobcatreading:

Twitter Rant 

Had a look at Twitter before and had to scroll past 20 “for you”, “because you clicked on a tweet once” and “other people you follow” suggested tweets before getting to one from someone I follow. That’s not to speak about the promoted tweets that are starting to outnumber anything else on my feed. It’s actually nice to look at Mastadon. Once upon a time Twitter wasn’t as bad as it is now.

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